What should i do?

by Martha Shikongo

Hi got this dude that is dating the baby mama for about 2 years, they mostly have problems in the relationship and what not. so me and this guy are dating behind the girls back (6 months) we both do love each other like crazy, he shows me every reason to stick with him. when ever I'm with him we get so attached that we barely cant get away from each other, when his sad he calls or text me and tells me what he got on to his mind or when he does miss me, he talks about traveling around with me and what not, let me just say things between us are just so perfect.

So this baby mama is sometimes ignored which I really don't know what the problem between them is and I don't even want to ask because it mite just bring another problem between us, so I just want us to enjoy each other and love each other and make him forget his past and presents with the baby mama, Because I feel that I get so much attention then what the baby mama used too get.
so my question is am I doing the right thing over here and yes I do love the guy internally and externally and when I want the relationship with the baby mama to end what should I do, because everything we do in secretly because if her, I want the world to know I'm dating this guy.

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Jun 28, 2014
Sometimes What you see is What you get!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Martha,

Your plan sounds good but one problem, they share a child together therefore, their relationship will never end!

It seems to me that your boyfriend is not being honest with you about his relationship with his baby's mother, which is why he is "hiding" this so called relationship with you.

You have spent six months living in a fantasy world allowing your boyfriend to have his cake (his baby's mother) and eat it too (having you whenever he wants you.) I suggest you take your blinders off and see this man for who he really is.

You said so yourself that when he is sad he will call and text but even still you don't know what the problem between them is!!!

He is living a double life and you are worth so much more than a "secret" relationship so stop settling with being No. 2 in anybody's life when you deserve to be No. 1!!!
Good Luck!

Wishing You the Best in Love~

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