Off of

The Road To Destruction

Road to Destruction

Watch the video below to hear the voice of a talented artist and poet come to life with his poem, Take Love Off of The Road Destruction by The Plague.

***We get quite a few inquiries about this lyrical genius, his mix-tape will be out very soon. Stay Tuned!***

Sometimes we come to a point in our relationships where love begins to go down the wrong path. 

If your relationship is on the road to destruction and you can feel it slowly going in a downward spiral talk to me about it. Let The Love Chamber Community Welcome you to a place where not only are you understood but loved. We can figure this thing out together!

It is up to us to see that our partnerships are protected with love and common sense. You will never go astray when you begin to focus on those two. I tell all of my followers not to follow your heart first, but to follow what your mind logically tells you. Intuition is real and so is love. Good and Bad they do exist!

On many occasions love can easily be misconstrued as something else. It comes in all forms from abuse verbally/physically to murder. Love doesn't kill and it will never die. When you become someone else world, honor them and treat them with respect at all times and talk to them and not at them. You will get along just fine! Otherwise hit the deck lol 

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