Are You Looking For The Right One?

Have you been searching day and night hoping to grab the attention of that perfect person?

Sometimes its not what we do when trying to attract the right one, sometimes its all about where we are in life as individuals. 

Let's shed some light on that idea:

As an individual it's pretty safe to say that we all strive for the same things in life: (i.e. love, happiness, growth, good sex, cars, clothes, shoes, education, employment, financial stability, etc.) 

If you are not the happiest camper to deal with void of any and all ambition for life, the real question becomes: Are you where you need/want to be in life, before coexisting with a mate? 

We are all compelled to go in different directions. I could be driven by love when someone else is guided by money. You could be pushed by motivation and some others are empowered by contentment. It's all in your mood, energy and vibe when it's time to capture the love of your dreams.

Below are a few places you could possibly frequent to get an idea of the caliber of person you choose to date. See, when you are driven by a positive force you can choose a mate instead of being stuck with one. (Big difference, catch my drift :)

Different Places:

  1. Jazz Clubs
  2. Art Galleries/Shows
  3. Gala or black tie affairs
  4. Opera House
  5. Out of town plays
  6. Wine tastings
  7. Poetry Night 
  8. Festivals

Where ever your interest lies are the places you should often visit. As you always want to find someone who has some interests in the same things as you.

Below are familiar reasons as to why some individuals remain single.


  • Fear of commitment
  • Enjoys playing the field
  • Like the challenge
  • Preconceived stereotypes when dating
  • Think they're a playa
  • Has a big package and would like to share it with the world
  • The other has excessive baggage
  • Was not getting oral sex in relationships
  • Too many baby mothers


  • Standards too high
  • Bad Attitude
  • The other has excessive  baggage
  • Multiple partners offer multiple rewards
  • Preconceived notions
  • No Father Figure, can't get with the love thing
  • Not sexually satisfied
  • No one wants to be bothered with the kids
  • Too many baby fathers
  • Uneducated

Throughout it all there is still somebody for everybody. Shed some light on the topic below. Tell us what are some of the other reasons why people are still single and looking.

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