Should I End This??

by Alia

He loves me alot....but he can't control his anger.. Whenever he gets angry on any matter he use it to start abusive language.... He is very possesive about if I talk to any boy, he just loose his control...i am not saying dat hez the bad guy ...i spend the best part of my world with him...but now i dont knw what to do....because he is loyal..and so caring about me. I cant leave him lyk dat...plzz help me to find the right way for both of us....i dnt want to hurt him.

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Jun 21, 2014
How do you really feel???
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Alia!

I would run as fast as I can from this man because CONTROLLING + INSECURE = ABUSE!

You said yourself that he cannot control his anger when you talk to other guys. Does this mean that he is getting physical with you? Life is filled with other people what does he expect for you to do?

Honestly if your relationship is not already there, it's coming soon! There is no "right way" because he's practically a time bomb waiting to explode which is probably your deepest concern.

I advise that you a find right way out of this unhealthy relationship. Good Luck my dear!

Wishing You The Best in Love~

May 24, 2014
love and care is panacea
by: Anonymous

If you are happy with him this could not be a reason to end this relationship. You should show love when he is angry and try to make him feel that he is on priority against all. Perfect does not exist. If u are happy with him like he is loyal and you Spent wonderful time with him. Try to handle it with love and care. Whenever he gets angry show your love do not argue. And argument u can do once he calm down. Good luck

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