Should i contact my ex?

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My ex and i broke up about a year ago, things did not end on a good note. I said things i regret and am fine claiming my share of the blame. At the time we just fought a lot and i am the type that likes to work things out and he was the type that "smoothes things over" so i said either we work on things or we don't and he said, "i think i tried."

So, we broke up last spring, and over the summer weird things started happening. I am not on Facebook but my sister is, she requested him as a friend when we were together but he did not accept her because shes a drama queen. Well that summer he ended up accepting her friend request. When she noticed she quickly deleted him. My mom also has Facebook and my ex and she have " mutual Facebook friends" he saw pictures she posted of me and "liked them." This went on for months, then his friends started showing up at my work a lot. Like they would come in and not buy anything but walk up to me and say hi. Then i saw his sisters and they ignored me. This happened a lot from October to December then nothing.

In February i took a pic with my guy best friend and he posted it on his Facebook and within 10 minutes my ex "liked it." Then in march he showed up at my work. He asked my manager if i still worked there and if i was coming in that night. (My manager said i wasn't working that night even though i was). So he left without another word. I found out a few weeks ago that my sisters manager is his best friend, well apparently he realized that too because my sisters manager told her that my ex wanted him to get information about me from my sister. She refused and now nothing. He wont just go to my house or give me a call. Its ridiculous. I still have feelings for him but i think it would be easier if we went our separate ways. I don't get why hes acting like this. He needs to grow up. Should i approach him? Its very frustrating to me because i like direct contact but i still feel very guarded around him.

Btw we are in college, if that makes a difference.

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May 15, 2014
Continue to follow your instincts!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Love Bird!

My my my, what a sticky situation. You're right, this behavior is becoming pretty suspicious. It appears that you have moved on and now all of these people are showing up out of the blue to your work place.

I'm just speculating but either he could be planning something nice, why else would he want to know the time you would be there or because things did not end on a good note and he's jealous and wants revenge.

I don't know! You would know him better than me, so remember what you thought about this persons mental during your relationship. Is something else amiss? Do you trust him not to do anything stupid or harmful? At this point this whole thing sounds a bit leery. I know you still have feelings for him but I also think your decision to leave this relationship was a good one because your ex has a lot of growing up to do. He is playing childish games and I don't think your contacting him is going to change who he is.

Until your ex is man enough to contact you then I suggest you steer clear and alert your manager & friends about these strange occurrences unless of course you want to play along.

Wishing You the Best in Love~

May 13, 2014
by: T

Another one of his friends came into my work yesterday and specifically asked for me and when I usually work, then left. I wasnt working until later and my coworker wouldnt give him any information about me. The guy told my coworker not to tell me he came in....

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