Short Stories

Below you will find short articles from different contributors at The Love Chamber. We accepted these titles because they were diverse, personal and some downright silly. If you would like to submit a title and short article about relationships in general or touch on a specific topic within feel free to email your content to us for review at:


Contributed by: T. Stanley

Honestly, take all of your expectations and like caution, toss them to the wind. Moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is definitely a huge step in your relationship making you one step closer to marriage and possibly forever. At first you may have been seeing each other 3 or 4 times a week and now you will see your partner every day. Are you ready for this?

Here's the catch! What are the household chores expected of HER: cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, children, homework etc. Men will expect you to become their mother, wife, lover, helper and maid. Before moving in be sure to establish these invisible expectations, make sure the both of you are on the same page.

Yes, sometimes men need to taste the milk before buying the cow and Yes, women need to taste the acorns before capturing the squirrels too. Moving in together first is sometimes the best way to find out who the both of you truly are and remember, it's not always sunshine and bubbles.

Here's the catch! What are the household chores expected of HIM: taking out the trash, scrubbing the floors, cutting grass, repairing household items, changing light bulbs, cleaning the bathrooms etc.

The point is for both of you to use this time to learn how to cooperate and make these decisions together. Maybe she hates washing dishes but loves to cook. Maybe she would rather take out the trash and he would rather do laundry. It's all about negotiating and compromising. You are a team now!


Contributed by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

It is a special request that I answer this question on this particular page:


As the pendulum swings both ways so does the balance of our relationships. The answer to this question is yes! We are only human and we all lack perfection, thus everyone is entitled to a second chance. I'm sure you feel embarrassed, betrayed and furious to find that your mate has cheated on you. Your insecurities begin to get the best of you by making you question what you have or have not done to keep them faithful. Your guards will begin to build back up because the trust has been tarnished.

But, love is just what it is! It is forgiving and moving forward. When you choose to give your partner a "second chance" you display one of the most rare yet deepest attributes of love, Forgiveness! Not everyone is capable of forgiving. You have to put their infidelities aside and forgive them for their indiscretions and continue to love them with all of their flaws. We must forgive and never question our own abilities in our relationships. Only give them a second chance if you can really deal with it because the healing process takes time. If you can't seem to get over it or shake that feeling that you can no longer trust, then move on. Otherwise keep being happy in love~


a different perspective

Contributed by: Sabrina M.

What is Parole - Early release of a prisoner who is then subject to continued monitoring as well as compliance with certain terms and conditions for a specified period. Punishment that is intended to rehabilitate or improve.

Think of the world as a correctional facility! This life, its ups and downs is a form of punishment intended to improve us, re-build our characters and lift our strengths and rehabilitate us. Along comes that perfect mate and we fall in love now being released from the correctional facility or "state of mind" you were in and you allow your mate to then become your parole officer. (Keep up ::)))

As your parole officer there are laws and they must be enforced. These laws may not be exactly what you had in mind but now they have been introduced into your life and you must cooperate. These laws are beginning to give you a foundation to stand on. Things you didn't understand at first now plain to see. After your time served, you yourself become a parole officer and now you have a new study who is now the one you love. 

You see, in many relationships you are taught through life's experiences and then there is you learning from someone else mistakes. What you learned has built the character of who you are today. Your standards have expanded and you refuse to except anything less. Now your new study isn't as poised in life as you have become over time. Do you transfer your parolee to another detective because you don't have the patience to share what you have learned or do you take the time to teach them the ropes just like someone took the time to teach you?

This may be silly but I thought it was interesting to say the least.


Contributed by: Will Rosboro

You can always identify young love vs mature love. Besides the obvious of generational differences mature love could use a touch of young love sometimes and young love could always use a touch of mature love. Let us begin by identifying a few things about both and then mesh them together to create one word to have a flourishing young but mature relationship.


Inexperienced, playful, energetic, play games, impressionable, cute and fresh but unstable. Text too much, talk too much, play too much, everything is a game, completely blinded about the future, afraid of rejection, easily humiliated due to being a follower or peer pressure, over share their intimate details about their relationships with friends. 


Easy, compromising, negotiable, trusting, great companionship, experienced, wise, set in their ways, standards, values, understanding, patience, humble, giving, sharing and caring.

The word is: MAYO


Contributed by: L. Watson

Sharing the joys of life with a partner has always been a great way to spend our time here on earth. Reveling in loves promises, dancing in loves intimacy, and laying in loves emotions makes us who we are.  A good reason we have to smile everyday. Relationships are like precious jewels you can only find in the deep blue sea. Connections are usually stronger and potential is greater when we let our hair down. We become so involved in our partners that we begin to lose sight of ourselves. Always fishing for them to reciprocate romantically but it's no good. Are relationships two way streets?

How can you tell if your relationship is beginning to own you?

  • If you are gaining too much weight in your relationship
  • If you're not taking care of yourself physically, spiritually or mentally
  • If you miss important meetings and lose out on opportunities
  • If you lose your job because you can't seem to get there on time
  • If you never go anywhere with friends because you don't want to leave your partner
  • If you let your appearance go

Bring your heads out of the sand and remember to love yourselves first before you allow your relationships to own you!