Contrary to what you might think, making money online takes persistence, hard work and motivation.  If you're anything like me then you've seen it all, done it all, heard it all, wasted money and time on false investments or just had your fair share of writing articles on websites for pennies at a time.

Let's help each other to build an Empire!!!

In order to make money online we must first start by building a structure for ourselves. To be able to multitask all of your online responsibilities and assignments, stay focused and organized while juggling your priorities and maneuver throughout an online money making marketing community where silence is golden yet communication is key~

No matter what, just remember throughout it all things may not happen overnight. Just continue to push hard and strive even harder to reach your success. Put your ideas into action by setting realistic goals and attaining them.

Let's get ready to put a machine behind our efforts. To eventually put our businesses on auto-pilot and control our own work days and vacations. Let's Share the Wealth!


Start with an idea! Something you like to do that makes you feel good. Something you wouldn't mind doing over and over again. Answer the following questions:

  • Who are you and what do you represent? 
  • If you had a brand what would it be?
  • What would you like to retire doing?
  • If you had to serve a purpose what would that purpose be?

Many questions and no answers, at first! 

With patience, wisdom and opportunity our financial lives can take a tremendous turn if we only shared.

Please no PYRAMID schemes when sharing your ideas!

Do you have something to share?

Do you have great ideas or strategies that have worked for you in the past to grow your internet business? Share it!

The ideas shared on this site are just some of my ideas that I have tried in the past. Others are what I plan to try in the near future.

Let us begin!


Share the Wealth 101

My SHARED FILES will be released as I receive them! These files will also be added to our Alerts section and the Homepage if something new has been added~


Even though we know its a lot of work you can still earn money writing articles in your spare. I prefer ehow because they paid a decent monthly payout. Other sites I highly recommend are: HeliumTriondAssociated Content, gain experience, cash and exposure. You will have to put in a lot of content to get the money you really want but when you get settled in, you won't have to do anything else except collect your cash.

You have nothing to lose at this point. Try it!


If you are a pretty good AA "Administrative Assistant" and you can conquer various tasks, deadlines and assignments without being micro-managed, this may be the place for you.

Visit: oDesk

You can pair up with potential employers who hire you for long-term or short-term contractual assignments. You can take all sorts of online tests they provide and if you score high, employers will contact you first. It's easy and fast money!


If you already know how to be the master of internet marketing and the brain of strategic thinking, buy a website. STOP!!!! Not just any website! You can have a website like mine where you can easily generate organic traffic, monetize, auto generate newsletters, Ezines, auto-respondent, create internal blogs, polls or quizzes.

Check it out for yourself how I created The Love Chamber, or if you have a niche that you would like to share with the world don't hesitate to build your own online empire with SBI! today!

Click Here


Do you currently own a domain name but have no idea how to monetize it? Well you could try using Google ad-sense and of course to really get good impressions you could run a Google ad-word campaign. Other ways to monetize is writing articles for your site, Ezines, blogs, social network it, Facebook fan page it, Myspace page it, LinkedIn, become a click bank affiliate, or use any social media you can find to circulate your brand. After the foot work has been laid you can sit back and reap the benefits.


Selling is the name of the game:) If you have extra items laying around the house it doesn't really matter what it is, put it up for sale. Use Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, etsy or ioffers after taking pictures of your merchandise that you have chosen to sell. Use free websites like Webs or Wix if you cannot afford to pay a monthly subscription. You could also read motivational principles and vows by Og Mandino from The Greatest Salesman in the World to brush up on your selling techniques.

Remember: Monetizing and getting traffic is your number one priority!


Are you an aspiring filmmaker or writer? Do you like to create short stories, documentaries, short movies, enjoy film festivals and receiving rave reviews for your work from people in the Movie Industry who really matter?

Visit: Triggerstreet

I realllllly enjoy the level of creativeness on this website. You will be assigned other short stories, scripts and movies to rate in exchange to get your short stories and movies rated. At Trigger Street Labs you will also have the opportunity to review the work of others and give constructive criticism. This site really makes you feel like you're part of the "BIG PICTURE". :) 


Have you ever heard the name Stephen Price? Google him for further information and how a lot of people even talk bad about him. One thing is for sure, he knows how to get paid!!!

I tried his free trial and quickly adapted to the idea that he was trying to teach. He is very good at showing how to create a website from scratch using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). He also gave up resources of user friendly free software to convert your pdf to a real looking eBook.

Mr. Price also gave away lots of eBooks along with the master resell rights that you can make your own to resell. We will get into more details of this one, later.


Do You have bad credit? Does it seem like everything you apply for is getting shut down? Well, be rejected no more as I have the solution to your problems. Many people told me that renting items from rent-a-center would increase my credit score. WRONG! Those items that I paid, on time every two weeks, never appeared on my credit report.

This is how I am getting my credit back on track and it works!

1st: Sign up to view your free credit report at www.creditkarma.com. You can monitor your credit report up close for any changes.

2nd: Visit www.firstpremierbank.com and apply for their credit card online, no one is rejected. You will have to pay $95.00 up front and you will receive your credit card in the mail with a limit of $225.00. When your credit card account opens, your Free Credit Report will immediately notice that a credit card has been opened to your account and you will see your credit score increase because of this.

DO NOT MAX OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!! Only use your card to purchase small ticket items and pay the money due on time. As time goes on your limit will increase and so will your score. Trust me, it works!!!



When you start to accumulate money from your odd jobs, put those funds to the side so that you can actually see if you're making a profit or not. If you spend as you go along you will feel as though your labor is fruitless only because you spend it as soon as you receive it. However if you are using those extra funds to pay for monthly free credit report or hosting a website that's quite alright.

Remember to Stay on the path, stay focused and get money!!!!

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