Making Love

Making Love is specifically for the grown and sexy!

Many of us had to learn our love making techniques from experience  There was no parent or adult that would tell you exactly how to do it. When we "were" virgins :) our first experience gave us an idea of how to make love. To give away our virginity and embark upon a journey that we've never experienced before. Some of us were in love or even thought we were.

There is no technique to making love! The way that you feel about someone inside will reveal itself when the relationship gets physical.

Love Making is a slow, passionate, heartfelt emotionally attaching pleasure that is sealed with love and the desire to love someone all over.

When we're in love we want to shout it to the world and be with that person forever. We would climb up loves extended ladder to express what words cannot sometimes identify. The feeling inside is happiness, gratefulness,  tenderness and the only way to release those wholehearted emotions is to make love. Slowly, gently, desirably, without regret and most important lovingly.

Saying I Love You to someone each day is wonderful feeling but can sometimes only be satisfied by touching that person, kissing them, holding their hand, hugging them and the greatest expression of all is to make love.

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