Love Test

Hello and welcome to The Love Chamber's Love Test!!!

This should be interesting to find out how you have been behaving or misbehaving and how you feel about your significant other. As you notice, there is no scoring or rating after this quiz. I will simply offer a bit of advice for each question when you're all done. Below you will find 21 Questions about your love for your partner. Answer them candidly on a sheet of paper and then scroll to the bottom to see what I had to say about your answers.


Before you begin:

  1. Number you paper from 1 - 21 so that you can keep up with the results below. 

  2. Take your time to answer these questions

  3. When you're all done scroll to the bottom of the page to read what Lemon & Autumn "L.A." had to say.

DON'T CHEAT, keep in mind that sometimes it is ourselves that need re-adjusting. Good Luck!

Lemon & Autumn "L.A."

Let’s Begin

(Some questions are yes/no and some require an answer)

  1. Is  your relationship brand new?

  2. Was it a physical attraction that brought the two of you together in the first place?

  3. What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?

  4. Was this person in a relationship while the two of you were hooking up?

  5. Are you on long phone calls with your lover at night?

  6. How do you know that you're in love?

  7. Have you had sex with your partner yet?

  8. Are the two of you working or in school?

  9. Does your partner share the same religious beliefs?

  10. What was your last relationship like?

  11. Are there any of the same attributes from your last partner   that you now admire or despise about your new partner?

  12. Do the two of you live together?

  13. If you and your partner live together, does he/she come home every night?

  14. What does your partner bring to the table?

  15. Has your partner ever hit or beat you?

  16. Is your partner doing drugs that effect his/her personality?

  17. Does your partner continuously flirt with other people in front of you?

  18. Does your partner please you sexually?

  19. Do you feel secure in your relationship?

  20. Are there regular arguments or disagreements regarding your relationship?

  21. Do you trust your partner?

The Results Are In!

Some questions reveal both yes or no answers.

1. Yes: Congratulations!

- No:
Well it's time to turn back the clock to make it feel new again.

2. Yes: No worries it's just as good if not better to be as physically attracted to someone as you would intellectually, if not more. However, physical attractions can sometimes be considered a bit superficial. Here at The Love Chamber I believe one hand washes the other. What would a great love life be like towards someone you can't stand to look at? Awkward!  

- No: That's good too! Maybe you were stimulated with other discussion that landed you two on the same page mentally.  This would be a very valuable approach to longevity.

3. That's your personal preference of what attracted you. Who am I to tell you different :) But at least you can get a quick reminder by the things you've listed.

4. Yes: Shame on you! Not respecting that relationship means there is a lack of respect all the way around. If your partner left their spouse for you, it's OK. But be very careful to keep watch on Karma, because she is unforgiving and closer than you think.        

- No: This is great! Hot pursuit is the name of the game. The two of you would feel more comfortable knowing there is no real competition in the picture. Now you can better take your time when feeling each other up (oops I meant out :). Concentrate on creating love foot prints all over your relationships sand.

5. Yes: That's Nice! Getting to know one another at a rapid pace is ok but be sure not to give it all away too fast. Sometimes having mysteries about you is more alluring than baring all in one or two phone calls.

6. Yes: All that matters is that you know :)  

Make sure the intimate rules in your relationship are clear so that there is no confusion! When you say L-word mean it and don't stray. People can't deal with heartache well!

7.  No: Keep up the chase! The longer the wait the better. Not just for sexual satisfaction but also how you handle yourself with a new partner will determine for him how you treated your past partners and that becomes is very relevant. Anybody can give up sex at the drop of a hat, on the other hand preserving your intimacy is a rare jewel.

8. Yes or No: Being in a relationship takes a lot of work. Don't allow things such as your financial situation to become the center of arguments. For this reason each individual should pursue something that will create income. Unless you both agreed that one will attend school full-time and the other will work. Money is usually the number one deal breaker, tread lightly.

9. Yes or No: As individuals you can believe what you want but as a couple with two different religions you may want to discuss how your religious differences can mend and/or clash i.e. your future, children, holidays, fasting etc. The sooner the better, the last thing you want is a child that grows up confused.

10. Hopefully not as good as the one you're in now! It's always good to learn something from all past relationships and dare not repeat them.

11. It's OK to admire things in your new partner that you admired in your last partner. This doesn't make you a bad guy. On another note, telling your new lover that they have the same attributes as your previous lover is tacky and a big no, no. Somethings were meant to be kept secret.

12. Yes or No: Either way Congrats!

13. Yes: Congratulations!   

- No: The reason for this better be because of a job out of town or natural disaster, etc. If it is due to partying all night, hanging out with friends club hopping and falling asleep on someone's couch on more than one occasion; more than likely your partner is not being faithful.

14. This list should look much better than the last one! Live and learn...

15. Yes: This is not the relationship for you!  

- No: Keep up the good work by earning & maintaining boundaries in this relationship. Respect is a golden rule!

16. Substance abuse is a very serious cause for alarm. Things can go from good to bad in only a matter of minutes. Keep yourself out of harms way!

17. Yes: Not Good! You're "supposed" to be the apple of their eye and the object of their affections. If this happens often move on, it's embarrassing! Believe me there is someone on this planet who is ready and willing to make you the core of their world.

18. Yes: Congrats!     

- No: It's OK! There are plenty of things and many ways you can help them satisfy you. I know sometimes it seems like a lot of work showing someone how they can please you, especially when your previous companions knew your body like the back of their hand. But if you're serious about the relationship: a little patience goes a long way, trust me :)

19. Yes: Congratulations Again!    

- No: You may want to do something to lift/build your self-esteem. If your reason for not feeling secure is because of your partners earlier infidelities, then move on. Sometimes when we find out that our partners have cheated and we make a conscious decision to forgive them, we must then try to block out what happened and move on in our relationships. Keeping them around means learning to trust them all over again. As 
hard as it can be to do this, if you're not cut out for it move on with your life. If you are, give it your all!

20. Yes: There shouldn't be! Unfortunately one of you are either insecure, over-possessive or just plain over the top.    

- No: Congratulations! A couples home should be a place where they can go to relax with no frustrations are out of the blue arguments. So what it happens but the goal is to keep the peace. Keep it calm, peaceful and nag-free!!!

21. Yes: Congratulations!   

- No: It's a learning process and takes time. It's almost like being in a building when there's a fire. You hear firefighters calling your name to take a step but you refuse to move because you cannot see the staircase. Sometimes it's ok to just let go!

Always remember; relationships are best when they are fresh and new. Keep the baggage you bring to a minimum. Dance with your partner to a smooth  rhythm of passion and embrace the development of a stronger bond of love throughout your entire relationship!

Wishing You the Best In Love~