It's difficult to choose between a girl who loves me on conditions and other who is ready to change for me and seeking my approval for marriage

by Dushyant

I am 27 yrs old guy. Average plus in looks. I am in love with one girl who is like my dream girl. A girl I always wanted to live with. I am very much attracted to her and I enjoy her company. She satisfies me at every part. I am addicted to her. But when it comes to marriage. She has some conditions and some are nearly unacceptable. My family is not conservative or strict regarding customs and all but I love my family and do not want them to compromise at those issues.

Actually I love my family too. They love me and they too have some expectations from me so I cant ignore them completely. One more thing is there. When I will ask for marriage my family is not going to approve just like that means I will have to forcefully make them agree. I am ready to change at no. Of things for her happiness but she is not ready. And she shows a lot of love but no compromise. On the other hand one girl whose parents chosen me for their girl send friend request On social networking site. I dint knew her and I accepted her friend request. We started chatting I was never attracted to her. But I came to know my family also like that girl. Now that girl told me why she send friend request and she like me. And i told her my weakness. She said i will handle all. I like you. She is ready to compromise at every part. I told her all my negatives in exaggerated way still she seeks my approval. I do not like her but if I marry her all my family problems will be solved and there will be no fight on anything.

But I personally wont be happy. My choice is that girl she also loves me but I know after marriage my life will not go smooth. Some of her habits I don't like but I am ready to compromise knowing the fact perfect does not exist. But she she is not ready to make any compromise.

Tell me what should I do?

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Jul 13, 2014
Sometimes what we think is so complicated, turns out to be so simple!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Love Bug!

I think you should follow what your common sense is telling you and never compromise how you feel. The young lady you're in love with isn't willing to compromise her beliefs and neither should you.

The other young lady is willing to compromise everything for you, but you shouldn't allow her to do that because you're not in love with her. The bottom line is this: You cannot continue to live your life to please other people, including your family. You only have one life to live and you have to learn to live it on your terms!

You're young and have plenty of time to settle down and get married, so I suggest that you enjoy being the single handsome young man you sound like. I'm sure the right woman will come along that you'd be completely satisfied with. Good luck!

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