Is there a chance my ex boyfriend will want me back

by Beth

Last week my boyfriend told me that he needed time to “think about us” because he wasn’t sure if my family would accept him, this was 2 days after he repeatedly told me he loved me and that he would make an effort to be a better boyfriend. Initially when he told me this I said my piece and explained to him that he was hurting me by shutting me out, but the following days I didn’t contact him and he didn’t contact me. On the 5th day I decided that I didn’t want to be in a relationship with a man who wasn’t sure about being with me. So I sent him a text stating I wanted to pick up my belongings and that I would come by after work the following day to retrieve them. The next day I contacted him to make sure he was home, he wanted me to stop by later than I planned, but I told him I wanted to get my things as soon as possible and be done. My exact words, he agreed to meet me and said he would be there when I arrived. I walked in his place grabbed my things didn’t say a word accept thank you when he handed me my shades and walked out without even looking at him. I deleted his number and unfriended him on facebook before I drove out the parking lot. I showed zero emotion but they truth is I’m really hurt because I loved him. I am open to getting back together with him. I have been on a date since we broke up and another man is presently pursuing me(he has stated he wants a relationship) but I'm rejecting him because I still have feelings for my ex. Did my actions drive him away for good, ( he knows I unfriended him because he blocked me) I don’t know if the No Contact rule will work with him because he uses the silent treatment himself. I will NEVER initiate contact with him because my pride simply won’t allow it. However, is there anyway to know he wants me back?

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Jan 27, 2016
I'm sure you found your answer!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Love,

I've been away from the site for quite some time, now picking up the pieces. I'm sooo sorry for not being there for you when you initially asked your question. I'm sad to hear your relationship came to an end so abruptly. We live in a world today where men are as sensitive if not becoming more sensitive than women. My suggestion: let him continue the silent treatment while you move on. Chivalry is not dead for the man that is pursuing you, ready to treat you the way you want to be treated and ready to take on the responsibility of being in a real relationship. No one has time for games. Some people waste their lives away playing games with others emotions but in the end they end up alone. GAME OVER!

Please let me know how your situation went. It was in October 2015 that you contacted me.

Wishing you the best in love~

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