Is he really HIM??

by Joanne

I have read a lot of problems that you've helped with so, I was kinda sure that you might help me with this one.

i have a serious and very serious doubt in my mind. i am 17 and i have a boyfriend who is not in the country where i stay. we actually dated once (back in the 7th grade), but that didn't go well because we had to break up due to certain circumstances. and then i came here. so now..on my 17th birthday, he came back for me. he asked me out again on Facebook. and because he always had a place in my heart, i was more than happy to say yes. and right now we are going out(like on Facebook, we haven't met yet). so now, since few days back i have this serious doubt whether he is really who i think he is. i mean whenever i asked him whether he remembered something that happened long back, he is completely blank about that. he doesn't remember incidents that are hard to forget. those incidents or fights or few unforgettable things i said have been completely washed away from his mind while it's still fresh in mine! i mean all of it..not even a little,,(he remembers my friends though)

now i have a doubt whether this is really the guy i knew or somebody else whose just playing with me. i need help to know about who this guy really is.. he is not gonna tell me if i ask him directly(duh!)

please help!

- Joanne

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Nov 05, 2014
Don't Test the Unknown!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Joanne,

I wanted to start by apologizing for my tardy reply but as I said in the email I sent you personally, I give out advice on a first come first served basis. With that being said I hope you haven't already done anything you'll regret.

It appears to me that this guy may not be who he is pretending to be so you have two choices:

1. You could stop communicating with him altogether. These are dangerous times and things happen to innocent people like you. Some people gather all of your information from your Facebook page and gain your trust before arranging to meet up somewhere.

2. If/when you decide to meet up be sure you have friends with you, in a public place, make a call to someone who will not be with you; just to make sure you're covered and safe.

A red flag is raised because he does not remember those private moments you both shared (not one) but he remembers your friends and I think that is ONLY because he's on your page. Honestly, I think there are other ways for you to find someone special. Get your girlfriends to hook you up with some of their boyfriend's friends, go to places that interest you, etc. All types of people hide behind fake photos and information on the internet, steer clear. Be safe and play smart!!!

Wishing You the Best in Love~

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