I love a guy but the problem is i sent him fake photos and used to speak to him using a fake I'd.

by Aakrati
(Jaipur, Rajasthan)

We've been in a long distance relationship for 6 months. He is the son of my aunt's friend and her neighbor too. He knows my sister bcoz my sister lives in Pune with my aunt. I had wanted to tell him several times but didn't have the courage. Now just a month ago he was coming to lucknow (I lied about the city, I'm not from lucknow) I told him everything in a message that I'm neha sister and I spoke to you using a fake I'd.

We had planned everything including marriage and kids. I also sent him request with my real ID but he didn't accept and only chatted. I told him that I'm neha sister and he talked a little but after hearing the truth he has blocked me from my both ids fake and real and has put my number also on the reject list. What should I do?? I really luv him a lot. After hearing the truth, he doesn't talk to me. I text him 10 times a day but he doesn't reply to even one. I know that I have wronged. What I did is not worthy of forgiveness. I betrayed his trust. I wish only friendship with him but he doesn't want it. Once he messaged me will u meet me? I replied really? But then he didn't reply.. I asked him for friendship he said yes friends with benefits. What does it mean?? He didn't reply.. I told him I don't expect anything from u except friendship. He replied- forget me it will be better for u, u will find better guy than me.. He said okay we r friends now but I can't reply u every-time. Now 1.5 months gone. I call him text him but no answer...5 days ago he messaged me don't call me year and I don't want friendship as well or else have to change my number. I told him okay take care..bye will not bother u from now on...3 days ago he messaged me on whatsapp I might u r friend but don't quest me anything(my cousin convinced him for friendship with me). I told him thank u. .i messaged him hi hello how r u..He replied my fine n u..etc..He talked me formally..He doesn't talk to me..what should I do? I really luv that guy..I got fragile , shattered. .I can't live without him..pls give me some suggestion...pls help me..how to realize him..He is my life...pls don't ignore my post..m very upset..

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