I like this girl but she acts diffrent when she around her family why is that?

by John

Please can you can give me any advice to deal with it.

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Jul 18, 2013
by: John


Jul 18, 2013
Family vs. Friend
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

My Advice: Sometimes females act differently around their family members when they are with their partners. This happens because the family knows the female very well and the female has to protect her image. The image can vary from being a player to a person who falls for the wrong ones and the family usually are the ones to catch her when she falls. When she gets around her family she may act differently because maybe she doesn't want to really display her feelings or affections towards you in front of them. Sometimes it's out of respect for the family, other times it could be that she is uncomfortable with public displays of affection in front of those who raised her. Either way it would be best if you sit down and have a talk with her. The only way this can be fixed is if and when we tell our partners how they make us feel, good or bad. Personally, I used to treat my partner bad around my family because they knew I was a meany, jokester etc. but he didn't find it funny at all. It wasn't until he asked to speak with me that I found out that this was a problem and it made him feel bad which in turn made me feel bad. Yes, there are times when I still do it unconsciously but now we have a code/look that when or if I do it, then he will he will give me the code and I will make right my wrongs in front of everyone.

Wishing You The Best In Love~

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