I am confused and need someone's opinion

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Hi so I'm 15 years old. I was dating my ex for 7 months. So this is our relationship story:

My ex and I were in the same advisory and one day I decided to take his number off his Instagram and start texting him. So I texted and made him guess who I was. He eventually found out and we became such good friends. We texted all day and he walked me to every class even though he had a girlfriend. He talked to me more than his girlfriend. Eventually his girlfriend at the time didn't like me cause she thought I was stealing him away from her and all her friends hated me. Eventually she broke up with him because she felt like she was competing with me. I knew he liked me before they broke up cause we always talked about dating. I had a boyfriend at the time so I broke up with him to be with my best friend. The day his girlfriend broke up with him we started dating. We texted non stop and started saying I love you. After a month of dating we hung out here and there and eventually we started hanging out almost everyday. We were always together. We started fighting more and more caused from jealousy and just be getting mad at stupid things. One day I had told my ex that I was mad that I couldn't go on vacation with him but his moms boyfriend could. So I said things like "so your moms boyfriend can go on vacation with you but I can't?" And I said the same about his dad's girlfriend. His parents read his texts and saw that and hated me. They wouldn't even talk to me. I think they pressured my boyfriend into breaking up with me because one night I got in a fight with my ex and I found out his parents knew that night. He never really gave me a reason for breaking up besides he lost feeling and he just wanted to be friends but I can it was probably just cause of his parents and them pressuring him into the breakup and saying it was a good thing. My ex wouldn't talk to me the next day for a few hours. He just would read my texts and not respond. I tried begging and getting his friends to convince him to date me which now I know is a big mistake. Anyway so later we kinda talked it out and decided to go on a run together. We started off kinda talking normally then I said I wouldn't run anymore unless we kissed so he kissed me. Then we started talking about our relationship and I got emotional and begged him for a second chance again... I started crying and walked away from him. He chased after me and said he had to go but he made me hug him because he knew I wanted and needed a hug. He probably felt bad foo. We started walking back to his house and we stopped at a park and we were on some stairs. We kissed once and kinda just looked at eachother then he pulled me back toward him and we made out. We stopped when people started walking by and walked to the top of the stairs. We got more time to hang out so he agreed to try dating for 2 days. We went back to the park and sat down and I asked why he was so far away and he said
why aren't you sitting on me so I moved over to him and sat on him and made out for like 30 min. He grabbed my boobs and butt and then my mom gave him a ride home. When he texted me a little while after he was home he wasn't replying right away like he usually does. He reied like every 5-10 min. And the next day I walked to work with him, waited until his shift was over and we hung out after. Later that night he wouldn't call me and he wouldn't tell me what was wrong. I quickly ran in to say hi to him the next day at work while I was passing by and he stopped what he was doing to pay attention to me. The next day I was at my friends house and he broke up with me. He said we should just be friends and I was upset but agreed and thought it was best. I started looking for ways to get him back and to miss and and want me right away. I found some programs and tried them. Non really helped. He went on vacation and met a couple girls. There's pictures of the girls wearing a hat I have him for Christmas. One of them posted a pic on Instagram but he never liked it which I thought was weird. He started talking to girls that he knew I hated. He was commenting on one of their pictures and liking her pictures. He refused to like mine though. Anyway as time went on he slowly stopped replying fast and soon he started replying every hour or so. It was like that for about a week and then he started ignoring me for 3 days, the three days I had my phone taken away. I stole my phone to text him but he would read my messages and not reply. The day I got my phone back he finally replied. The past couple days I've thought about his behavior and I think he likes me but I'm not sure so i need someone's opinion or a few people. The more the better. So these are the things I find strange and may mean he likes me

1. He hasn't deleted the pictures of us on his Instagram. Some pictures include us hiding hands, slow dancing, me on his back and a video of him asking me to a dance.

2. He won't tell me who he likes and tries to change the subject

3. He told me he was hanging out with his ex and her friends and a girl he use to have a thing with. I hate all of them and he knows that. I later found out he never hung out with them from one of my friends who was with him all night

4. He still talks to me

5. He never gave a specific reason for breaking up

6. He doesn't post any pictures of girls on Instagram or snapchat or anything else

7. He won't tell anyone why we broke up even when they beg him to tell them

I think he doesn't want to call me or hang out side he's scared he'll fall in love again and he doesn't want to battle his parents. I think he is playing mind games with me so I move on and once I move on he will be forced to. We have been broken up for 3 weeks and I'll appreciate any feedback. Thank you. Please ask any other questions if needed!

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Jul 20, 2015
Sometimes you have to let go, in order to see what you have!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi Love,

Quite a mouthful you’ve said here. I think that you seem like a sweet young lady but it appears to me that you’re coming on too strong. Like the fact that you were mad that you couldn’t go on vacation with him and saying that his Father’s girlfriend and Mother’s boyfriend could. You miss the point that they are adults and have made a decision that they were taking him "your friend" along, nothing personal against you. But instead you nagged to him and when you sent that text msg he probably felt some type of way while on vacation leading to him showing the text to his parents and of course finding/hooking up with other girls. Saying I love you too soon. When you begin to say this it should be really love and not infatuation. Next you’re begging for a relationship again and again; trying to get his friends to convince him of such, this is actually pretty childish. For a young man, he wants a girl that acts like she’s growing into a woman. Nobody likes to play games! Lastly now that the communication is far and few in between you appear to be stalking him on social networks. So since I’ve pretty much summed up the situation, here is my advice.

Let him go!!!! Let the girls you "hate" go!!!!! Put on your big girl panties and know that you deserve so much more than being felt up when it is convenient for someone else. Stop playing second to someone who is not considering you first. Do you know that chicks, especially the ones you "hate" will do anything to make you hate them even more? Leave it alone and act like he’s invisible. You will probably get better results and catch his interest all at the same time. Ok, he still has some pictures posted of the two of you on his social media. He probably won’t tell you who he likes because 1. It’s someone you know 2. It’s someone you hate 3. He doesn’t think you would take it well. Take my advice and take a nice hot bubble bath, paint your nails, do your hair, get involved in a great book and occupy your time. Act busy in passing when you see him at school. STOP going to his job, STOP acting pressed! The less you think of him or pay attention to him, the more he will come back to you but if he doesn’t then let him go. Please don’t end up looking stupid because everyone BUT you knows what’s going on with him. Grab a handful of confidence, put on the garments of self-esteem and show him who’s really cool and fun to be with; YOU! Wishing You the Best in Love~

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