How to deal with my crush

by Aaron

Well basically I have a massive crush on this girl but she's daring somebody at the moment and we've never met in person but we live in the same town, Ever since I first seen her picture on Facebook that was it I just fell in love with her❤, She is soo cute and I can't get over her nearly been a year but I still haven't had the courage to meet her in person because I'm a bit shy when it comes to girls (blush), Anyways she thinks I'm stalking her and she said a few bad things to me lol which I know is understandable because we have never met in person and she might be thinking loads of bad stuff about me but I ain't like that, What shall I do!???

I have asked people about her and they say she's sweet and caring, I know people who go to her school and they say she's a head turner lol

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Oct 06, 2013
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

One of the best things about life is falling for someone you've never met.

My Advice: Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words and you may have fell in love with that picture but her personality is something you no nothing about. That's just a warning! Tread lightly because everything beautiful on the outside is not as cute or picture perfect on the inside. Don't tell her how you feel!!! You would be considered the ultimate stalker. Hold fast for now. Find a way to meet her outside such as a club or party. Stand down until you see that she is showing interest in you. I don't want you to get your feelings hurt because you decided to pursue a beautiful princess who turns out to be a mean toad. Try to place yourself in her arena without her even thinking you were following her, it may turn out that she actually likes you. Until then, step back as you take your emotions and step out of the situation. Even though we all have to learn the hard way, I will say this to you: Some people are not who they appear to be.

Wishing You The Best In Love~

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