how do you handle a guy who is a business partner to his ex-girl friend and she is not ready to let go of the relationship.


My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 1 year now almost 2 years...and he is in a business relationship with his ex-girlfriend and she is not ready to let go. It has not been easy at all because they both run a company... My boyfriend wants me to be patient with him, that with time as soon as the company is fully developed every body will find there way,right now we acts as friends in the presence of his business partner to avoid further embarrassment because she came to disgrace me in the office and my boyfriend plays along with her despite all to keep the company going. He told he likes her as a person but not for relationship because he is not attracted to her and therefore he will cheat on her if they get married., secondly, that they came on the platform of business and when they tried relationship it wasn't working so he broke up with her but she does not want to let go and a lot of investments is tie to the business.

Am not to comfortable with all this actions...because my boyfriend sometimes act confused as though he does not know what he wants and when I want to leave he begs me to stay that all will be well that he knows exactly what he is doing. Please advice on what to do...I am boyfriend is 30, the lady is 33. And I am tired of all these games....I don't want to be in competition with any woman.

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Dec 11, 2013
What does your mind say?
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hello you asked this question twice on the website so I have revised!

I never tell people to follow their hearts because the heart is the most vulnerable yet deceiving. I will encourage you to follow your intuition, past experiences, knowledge and wisdom. What does your mind tell you about this situation?

Let's get this straight first: You and your partner are in a relationship going on 2 years now, he's business partners with his ex, and he is acting like the two of you are friends in her presence. She also came to your job to disgrace you and he went along with it....

This is a red flag for me! I understand he begs you to stay, however when you love someone it shows in front of whoever and whenever. Business is business, point blank! His personal life has nothing to do with his ex because you are the main woman now.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. You agree to wait things out according to what he has planned. Even when he acts confused about what he wants. When the business hits the ground running you will be right there to reap the benefits.

2. You tell him how you really feel! Let him know that you are unhappy. Take a break and pack a few things for the weekend, since he is confused about what he wants. This way he can figure things out alone and so can you.

The main thing is this: You should never have to feel uncomfortable or like second best in your relationship. You should not be kept a secret because of his ex. (This could mean that he is still sexually involved with her some way, even if it is for financial gain - for some reason he doesn't want to mess things up with her). As woman we have to be strong especially in trying times like these. You need to display that strength and no one woman/man can take that away from you. You said that you don't want to compete with any woman and in love you don't have too when it's reciprocated.

You are young with your whole life ahead of you, spend no more time playing games with these two and keep dating. If he truly wants you, he will come around. Otherwise put one foot in front of the other and keep stepping. A significant other is meant to be significant in all aspects, not made to feel insignificant as you do. Take a nice hot bubble bath, read a good book, paint your nails and toes, get pretty and venture out on the town a single woman. I'm sure there is someone out here who would love to have you.

Wishing You The Best In Love~

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