Honestly, what should I do now that he's probably over it? xD

(Hopeless Romantic (Anonymous))

I have a friend who's literally good at everything. Top in class, top in sports, won many public speeches, leader at events, great dancer, good at arts, and learning riding and martial arts at the moment. We used to hang out everyday In summer holidays and text all the time when home. Once we got pretty close he asked me out I said no. I felt he would have lost focus on things he's great at if we started going out. We were still friends and nothing changed. He asked me out a second time on text I said no again saying I didn't want a relationship. But I did have a crush on him. I think he's over me because hes much into himself self and no wonder why either he probably made himself feel good about himself and now he's done. But I crave his presence around me and long story short I'm much into him :P I'm not sure if he likes me still. I do catch him staring at times and he doesn't seem to hide it either. But then again he doesn't talk much to me in school even when there's a chance and even though everyone knows we're good friends. He recently became Head-boy and I hugged him in crowd which is a big thing to do in my country. He messaged me later saying thank you(for leading his campaigns) I think he likes me but I'm

Not sure. We don't get alone time. I deny my friends that I have a crush on him. I deny him that I do. I don't know what to do! Idk if he likes me or not still there's this kind of awkwardness between us I'm like 8/10 in looks and so is he but he considers himself 100/100. How do I get his attention again how do make him like me most how do I make him have a crush on me too!have I ruined everything because I'm not much of a talker either when in group.

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Oct 20, 2014
Start With You!
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Hi there Hopeless Romantic!

It seems to me that this young man really likes you, but you're not sure of yourself. I think you should get to know yourself a little better before you do anything else. Love yourself, build up your self-esteem and confidence to get ready for love....

He may be used to getting whoever he wants and sees you as a challenge, this works in your favor. When you are ready, say YES!!!!

PS: Sometimes when they flip the script and appear no longer interested this is a ploy to reel you in because you become curious as to know why. This can also create some insecurities within if you're not careful. Stand your ground by being in love with who you are and when you're ready, go after what you want.

Wishing You the Best in Love~

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