Do You think she is interested in me or just being friendly?

by Lost Guy

Need some advice please?

I met a girl a a party she wanted me to add her on Facebook i did and we talked a lot online for hours at a time i asked her if she was seeing anyone and she said she had just broke up with boyfriend and wanted to be alone for just now but said if it matters to me she thought i was really funny and good company and nice to see around ... we have talked loads since then but i have only seen her 3 times in person. I invited her to a party but she got sick we talk at least once a week for a good hour and its always a good laugh between us and some banter with exams coming in the next few weeks for us meeting up is going to be hard/unlikely do you think she is interested in me or just being friendly and if she likes me when should i make a move if she said she wants time alone.

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Jun 07, 2013
Interested vs Friendly
by: Lemon & Autumn

The best thing about life is being able to read the signs which will in turn give you some direction. However, when someone recently gets out of a relationship the signs can be some what tricky.

My Advice: She needs time to heal from her relationship so steer clear, this will save you some heartache in the end. Try not to focus on her too much because at this point you may be moving too fast. Continue to play the field and you will see if she comes around. Don't pursue her, allow her to pursue you. Don't always be available to talk on the phone for long hours at a time even though you enjoy it. When she's ready she will come around but don't hold your breath. The balancing scale of her being interested vs friendly, the scale is tipping towards friendly. Continue to be a friend and do not make a move which could ruin your friendship that you've built thus far.

Wishing You The Best In Love~

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