Do you think he is interested?

by Evangeline

ill try make this as short as possible. Alright so, I've been seeing my friend around the metro a lot with his new friend, and his new friend is really cute and I kinda want to get to know him. Lets call him M, so I searched M up on the ought my friends, friends, and I found him, added him, he accepted, and I messaged him, "hey sorry for the random add but I've been seeing you around a lot and I find you really cute." He read that and didn't answer.

A couple days later, I saw him at the metro with my friend, and there were other people I knew also. I went up to talk to my friend because he called me over and asked if I was going by the water with everyone, and M walks up to us and stands right next to me, and I said I couldn't because I was supposed to go downtown. I think it's good that I didn't go because it makes me seem like I'm not trying to be around him so much.

When I was sitting, he was in front of me across, and he was standing there with his friends and was flipping his hair a lot while he was in front of me. We caught ourselves looking at each other a couple times but that's it. Last time I saw him is when all^ that happened, which was in the end of June. Tuesday night at around 3am, I messaged him heyy and at 12 yesterday afternoon, he read my message and didn't answer. So then at around 2 in the afternoon, he says "hey :)" I answered an hour later saying how are you and he said "good you?:)", then I said "good :) I don't think you remember me do you?" And he said, "yeah I remember you :) I think..." And then I told him I was with his friend and a different guy.

And he said at the metro? And I said yeah everyone was going by the water, and he said "ahah okok :)" and I asked which school he goes to, and he answered and asked me, and then he logged off and I answered and we haven't talked since then. He read my last message too. At least he answered and we talked right? It's a start no?:/ Btw, sl*tty girls write on his wall.

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Aug 12, 2013
Where there's a Will there is also an Alex and Gregory.
by: Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

Sometimes people can lock eyes and words remain unspoken. You can just feel there is a connection there.

My Advice: Not in this case, fall back! Do not pursue him any further, allow him to pursue you. I think his interest lies elsewhere, hence the wall messages. Do yourself a favor and move on. The guy didn't deserve you anyway! Be glad that you didn't fall victim to the game.

Wishing You The Best in Love~

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