Welcome Aboard!
Virtual Cruise Line - Day 1



You have just boarded the Virtual Love of the Seas - Cruise Ship (VLSC).

You are now standing at the entrance of the Adults Only solarium. The solarium decorated with high end fashion with great attention to the details of lush green foliage and mosaic tiles all around. Your first impression of the ship is romantic, calming atmosphere and timeless vision. A tray with expensive glasses of Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet floats around the room, you quickly take a glass from the tray with an eagerness and desire for a much needed vacation, with entertainment and relaxation. Beautiful sculptures, inviting fragrances and the aroma of first-class cooking fills the air. You sip slowly while perusing the lower level and observing remarkable facilities on the ship. You get a glimpse of a quaint coffee shop, movie theater, fitness center, comedy club, bar & lounge, spa, fine dining, whirlpools and much more.

A distinctive voice interrupts the classical trumpets and clarinets of Duke Ellington's, Mood Indigo. It appears you are just in time for the welcoming speech. The tone of voice heard over the airways is sexy, sultry and simply unforgettable. 

"Welcome aboard the Virtual Love of the Seas - Cruise Ship (VLSC). I hope you've had a chance to put away your luggage or shall we say your relationship/dating woes. The stores on the lower level have everything you will need at no cost to you, compliments to LA at The Love Chamber. During this cruise everything on this ship is complimentary. This is your 14-day cruise line on the high seas, destination love, unconditional, unrelenting and unwavering. This is your year to make right the wrongs of your love life. You can't do it alone, it takes two!

Enjoy the amenities we offer here on the high seas and the chance for you and your significant other to be reunited, get reacquainted and pampered. Take advantage of your romantically adorned suites because this is your opportunity to rekindle the flames in your relationships and establish a much needed foundation. At the beginning of your stay your rooms will be separate; so enjoy this moment together right now. If you need anything from the kitchen or anything special like roses, champagne, chocolates, etc. don't hesitate to dial 5683 (LOVE) from your rooms. Let your wildest fantasies come true.

Shop around, grab a bite to eat, take a swim or relax up and get ready for day-2 on the Virtual Love of the Seas Cruise line and again, Welcome aboard!"

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