Welcome Aboard! 
Virtual Cruise Line - Day 2

You awaken to the smell of breakfast fit for a king or queen. After stretching you realize that you are well rested although your spouse was made to sleep in a separate suite. 

You approach the silver breakfast cart and see steam rising from two mugs; one is filled with ginger tea and the other a rare columbian coffee, your choice. You lift the silver lid and find smoked hickory bacon, turkey bacon, a variety of eggs, grits, toast and pancakes all delicately garnished with strawberries, banana circles and parsley. You take a quick look over to the dresser and notice a white robe with your initials on it along with matching slippers; a single yellow flower placed to the side in a glass vase. After you eat and prepare to shower you find a note on the bathroom door that reads:

"Good Morning!

We hope you slept well and look forward to this romantic excursion. We do not want to keep you away from your hunny too much longer but please be patient as you will not see them until day 5 of this cruise, when the courting process will begin. Prepared for you is a Spa day where it's all about you. All significant others are going through the same process. Please do not be dismayed at the cost of all this, you deserve it!

Your bath water has already been prepared and there are books under the shelf for your amusement. Please take the time to fill out this card while you enjoy some time alone. We will be in touch!


You are curious to see what's behind the bathroom door. As you gradually push it open you are greeted with a strong trace of milk and honey the very definition of indulgence. You see a bubble bath filled whirlpool in the center of the floor with attractive orchids dangling from the ceiling. A bottle of Shipwrecked 1970 Heidsieck, if you know anything about expensive this bottle is sold for a breath-taking $275,000. Gorgeous champagne glasses designed by jeweler John Calleija sitting next to the ice bucket were hand carved and adorned with 1,700 diamonds both white and argyle pink. Around the bathroom were luxurious embellishments such as a sink with a 24 carat gold faucet lined with Ferragamo products. You get into the tub and melt into the soft bath water releasing years of tension and unnecessary stress as you close your eyes you can't help but listen to the phenomenal pianist, Arnold Schoenberg.

Between the glass of shipwrecked, the scent of fresh orchids or the gifted pianist you eventually fall asleep. You awaken to what you thought was a dream but it is very real and you being pampered this way, you are very deserving. Missing your lover at this time you get out of the bath, slide into your robe and reach for the door. To your surprise a massage therapist is awaiting you, standing beside the retractable massage table mounted with white linen. You forgot all about the phone you were about to search for. You get on the table and the masseuse begins to rub you down with a velvety moisturizer unlike anything you've ever felt before. After your massage which has left you to feel free, loose and incredibly soft, lunch is rolled in consisting of fruits, yogurts and pretzels. You look down at the time and say wow I've been in my suite all day long and enjoying every minute. The note attached to your lunch tray reads:

"We hope you are having a fantastic day alone on the Virtual Love of the Seas Cruise Ship. We know you miss your spouse however please allow them the same alone time as you. The saying has always been true; absence makes the heart grow fonder. Please enjoy your lunch, get dressed and leave the card you filled out for us earlier on the desk before you leave to go shopping. When you are done shopping, dinner will be awaiting you in your room along with a complete listing of our movies and book collections. We will meet again on day 3"

Oh shucks!!! You forgot all about filling out the card, too busy living the lavish life lol. Its ok, happens to the best of us but now it's time to fill out the card (Do this for yourselves in reality)

List only 5 things you would like to see happen in your relationship or what are the things that your relationship could use work on?

Of course these things will probably be more than 5 but it is up to you to narrow them down. Cya on day 3!