Welcome Aboard! 
Virtual Cruise Line - Day 3

You are sleeping serenely inside of your assigned suite, stretched across a California king bed with a plush pillow top mattress. The bed lined with European sheets and the mattress gently contours to your body. The relaxation is getting good until a noisy alarm clock sounds off at 6am; you almost jump out of your skin. You're shocked because this hasn't happened since your arrival. As you reach over to shut it off your hand finds a note attached from VLSC. it reads:

"Good Morning!

Today we will concentrate on you! Most couples go into a comfortable and content stage in their relationships, they forget all about taking care of themselves. Love is about giving and vice versa but when you find yourself giving all the time and zero is returned, things can get pretty frustrating. It is important to keep yourself healthy and in good shape. Yes, its fun to cook delicious meals for two, experiment with different recipes and devour whatever your spouse puts their heart and soul into cooking. But, it is also essential to maintain that image your significant other fell in love with in the beginning. So the next time you stand in front of the mirror don't forget to look at you. With that being said today's workout will not drastically change your appearance overnight, it's the concept of working fitness into your daily routine that we hope you find interesting. Get ready for a new look and feel because it's time to get in shape. Your personal trainer will be by to pick you up in one hour, be ready. We will be in touch.


You fall back onto the bed knowing that it's going to be a long day... You grab the water bottle from your new breakfast serving tray and down it. After getting dressed your trainer knocks and you open the door; to your surprise it's a very attractive, physically fit representative from the gym. You damn near fall out of your suite tripping on the short oriental rug positioned in front of the door. Embarrassed completely at this point for the google-eyed expression and the idiotic blooper but must maintain your composure for what is to come. You are almost there as you look around the ship is beginning to resemble a palace and you are slightly starting to feel like royalty. You arrive at the gym on the lower level around 7:25am. Your personal trainer said they won't work you to death but would like to show you a few moves that you can do on your own. 

You can add 10 minute exercises to your day by selecting which routines fit you best. After you've selected your preferred daily routine to stay healthy and physically fit, your trainer invites you up to the deck for a little swimming. Reluctant to go at first you say: what the hell! I will meet you there, it's harmless. You return to your room, take a quick shower and leave out in your swimsuit/trunks to head up to the pool area.

You stand perched on the last step amazed at the view and how gorgeous and sexy half-naked people were walking around. Billowing blue canopy beds held a presence of majestic elegance. There was a central garden with beautiful flowers next to the DJ that was spinning music making the crowd go buck wild. Live performances were also listed on the pamphlet you were handed by the maître d'. The vibe was electrical and the people were very friendly. The broad deck was surrounding a heart shaped pool with plenty of lounge chairs. You begin to think this is a bad idea because your lover is not around. But instead of going back to your room to be alone, watch movies or read you find a nice cozy spot and settle in next to the pool. The waiter comes to you with a selection of fruity drinks at the same time you notice your personal trainer walking up.

OMG!!! The way he/she is looking in that swimming attire has made your heart skip a beat. Skin shining with sunscreen, body toned with ripped muscles and you're screaming inside with desire hoping no to do or say anything you will regret. It's been three days since you've been without your significant other. There is a lot of sexual release needed but you can hold out, or can you?

Your trainer is treating you with a fond interest and has the idea that you may not be into your relationship as you say because of the flattering way you look at them. As the two of you engage in plenty of conversation the sun sets and you can't remember the last time you watched that happen. The more you drink the friendlier you become and the less you think about your lover. Your eyes focused on your trainer, who is sitting right in front of you, bare-skinned and sexually appealing. You decide to leave! The trainer a little concerned by your abrupt decision jumps up to say they will walk you to your room. Hell no, is what your thinking. Because we all know how that could turn out. You rush off leaving the trainer alone who yelled out before you were out of plain sight, 'meet you tomorrow same time'.

You arrive at your room walk in the door, shut it fast and lean on it in disbelief of your actions. It's the first day you've met this person and here you are falling all over the place like you are single. You tell yourself to straighten up and get it together however, you thought about that day all night. You arranged your work our gear and set the alarm early, looking forward to seeing them again. On your dinner tray a note attached from VLSC reads:

"We hope you enjoyed your day and found a health routine that works for you. The older we become the more we are obligated to take care of ourselves because we cannot rely on anyone else, it is up to us! Hope you are not too lonely, we know you're looking forward to the big day to see your distant lover again. Of course you will do the same routine tomorrow on day 4 that you did today and we will meet again on Day 5. Enjoy your time.


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