Cruise Day Six - FEB. 6

Welcome to Cruise Day Six


It's past midnight and you just finished up your delectable entree with enough room left over for dessert. You select the mouth-watering pricey diamond fruit cake from el menu. You've never seen this romantic glow from your partners eyes before, you seem to be falling in love all over again. It's a little after 1:00am the waiter comes and ask if you would like to attend the comedy club 'After Hours' show that just started.

You both agree to go; it's  been a beautiful night why not. You get to the door and tell  your mate you need to run to the rest room. They agreed to get the table while you're away. While in the bathroom you look in the mirror and notice how stunning/handsome you look tonight. You straighten up your dress/tux to look as flawless as humanly possible because everything is going very well. It's going to be a fantastic night!

You exit the bathroom and head back to the club but once you get inside there is someone else talking to your significant other. Although the face looks a bit familiar you need to get up close to see exactly who this is. No, it can't be! how on earth did your significant others Ex wind up on this cruise? You can't believe this is happening. Immediately your smile disappears as you try to compose yourself before you reach the table at which the Ex is comfortably seated. (Clearing throat) excuse me. "Oh!" Your mate looks over to you: "Look babe! Can you believe how small the world is?" "Not small enough" you mutter. Your partner says: I'm sorry babe, did you say something". "I said I feel like I swallowed a ball of nuts". Almost embarrassed that you replied: "Hey there, nice to see you again".

You ask: "What brought you aboard this cruise?" The Ex answers: "I just needed to get away from my significant other". Oh No!!! It's alone! Please give me the strength. "Do you guys mind if I join you?" You say: "Well we were kind of having an intimate". Before you could finish your spouse quickly responds without thinking: "sure". You look over with piercing eyes, can't stand the sight of this villain from you mates past. All the romance shot to hell because of this third wheel. WTF!!! The night goes by and you are so into what the hell this third wheel is giggling about, you can't seem to focus on the jokes at hand.

The night is blown! After a few more drinks and some almost laughs, from the looks of things this isn't going to end well. You decide you're tired and want to retire to your suite. You ask your spouse to come with, they respond they can't leave yet because one of their personal favorites hasn't taken the stage yet. Even though your body refused to leave the two of them alone, you knew you needed to get away from this potential assault charge that would be pending if you stayed.

Walking to your room you can't help but think that the entire night was headed for failure. When you get to your suite you hear a voice behind you admiring your beauty and sex appeal. You turn around, it's your personal trainer who was also having dinner with friends at El Amor. Your personal trainer started walking towards you looking star studded and dazzling, you feel butterflies the closer they move in.

They tell you that they've been watching you the entire night. They walk up to you and walk a full 360 degree circle around you smelling your cologne/perfume, touching your waist line, breathing in your ear. Releasing an aphrodisiac that hypnotizes your heart. Acknowledging a hunger, need, and yearning for you.

You jump forward slightly shivering from the experienced hands that are not shy to touch you. They ask: "Would you care to take a stroll?" You reply: "Yes!"

You're both walking and you tell your trainer about the entire night and how it was ruined by your lovers Ex. You even get a little emotional over the fact that your partner refused to leave with you. Not to worry your trainer says and puts their arms around you: "you deserve all the attention any one person can give." You look into their eyes and noticed the sun growing more vivid with the passing time. This is the second time you have witnessed the sun rising within two days and the feeling is indescribable.

Out on the deck you and the trainer just watch the sun slowly rise into the morning sky. You look over and the trainer is right in front of you. The sun shining on their eyes transforms them into a light hazel with some apple green. The two of you start to kiss with deep tongue action, groping and caressing each others bodies. The trainer whispers naughty demands in your ear and you gladly oblige. You love it when a partner takes charge and tells you what to do. You appreciate someone who knows what they want and is not afraid to share that with you.

Love was made or was it just sex? What about the significant other you boarded the cruise? Are you having a change of heart? Check out DAY SEVEN to find out.

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