Cruise Day Seven - FEB. 7

Welcome to Cruise Day Seven

You feel a tingling sensation all over your body the smell of aloe vera surrounds you. Someone is tapping on your shoulders and within a matter of minutes you awaken on top of the massage table. You can't believe you were asleep all this time, it felt so real.

The masseuse said after you returned from working out and swimming you requested a massage. You must have been extremely exhausted because you slept the entire time. The deep tissue massage must have put you into a state of serenity. You were so relieved that you didn't have sex with your personal trainer. You felt so happy to know that your lover did not choose someone else, over you and you were especially thankful that your significant others Ex was not aboard this cruise!

You have to remember that this is a drama free cruise and not a romance novel about sex. This cruise is to break away from reality and find out what you can do to grow as an individual and to also influence the growth in your relationships. This is a Valentine's Day period of psychological rehabilitation for yourself and for your partnerships.

You dismount from the table and sit on the sofa to go over every small detail of that dream. How beautiful the restaurant was and how real the dream felt emotionally and physically. You realize, this is precisely the way things happen in our every day lives. The drama can become so tumultuous and considerably demanding that neither you or your significant other would be able to control.

Message from Lemon & Autumn: Do people really choose to stay in a relationship that involves nothing but arguments and disagreements? (link coming soon). We are all entitled  to our own opinions or for the most part we can agree to disagree, but what happens if we can't? Where does that leave us? Because if we know that we cannot communicate with one another, that would make us no longer on the same level? NOT COMPATIBLE!

BACK TO CRUISE: At this point you're really anxious to see you're boo. Your butler taps on the door and enters rolling in your brunch on a silver tray while carrying two envelopes. He hands you the white one, its from Cruise Staff and it says:

Good Afternoon,

We hope that you really appreciate the accommodations set before you. Today and throughout the rest of this cruise you and your spouse will e led on a great adventure. Sometimes we work so hard during the day, when we get home we don't want to do anything exciting with our partners. Aren't you tired of sitting around the house? What about the whole dinner and a movie cliche? Well today you and your lover will meet for the first time in four days. Be sure to wear something comfortable. We will be in touch!

ntly waiting then hands you the red envelope. You open it, to your surprise it's from your special lover. You'd think that during all of this self-improvement time alone your lover couldn't possibly find time to dedicate a card to you. It says:

Why I Love You!

The first day I met you I always knew

There was so many reasons why I could fall for you

And when we first kissed I felt a vibe

that you would always stay by my side

when you first said that, I love You

i didn't think twice to say, I love you too

and when we first made love I felt inspired

to change your world and set your heart on fire

now that our love is here to stay

i pray it grows more with each passing day

as i sit alone, i know our love is true

and this is why, i love you

cant wait to see you!!!

signed your lover

Your heart is touched by the words that were thoughtfully selected. it's time to get dressed and get on with the show. You arrive at the solarium and see your spouse standing on the other side. You can't hep but run over to meet with them to feel their warm embrace. its been a long time coming! the familiar distinctive voice interrupt traditional vilinist, Itzhak Perlman.

"Welcome lovers I hope you have all enjoyed great days of "me  time. I can see that most of you have truly missed your partners and its expected. No  ore sleeping alone or in separate suites. as of today the concierge has already moved your belonging to your shared suits. the rest of this cruise revolves around getting you to step outside of your box that you tightly hold on to. lets have some fun.

You and your partner are attached at the hip. You were so excited to hear that you will no longer have detached suites. You have no idea what this adventure is or where it will begin and it doesn't matter. You are happy to be in the arms of your significant other with all of their flaws.

You and a few others on the cruise are being escorted out to the deck. You're wondering what could possibly be out here. Just when you thought you've seen it all, you haven't. WOW! We're going hot air ballooning! You don't know much about the sport except the fact that the big balloon festival takes place every October in Albuquerque. Over 500 multicolored hot air balloons all share the same sky. You've always found hot air ballooning to be fascinating  but never really had the balls to try it. The flight has been arranged for the two of you for one hour. It almost seems to be the perfect most romantic way to re-unite with your spouse. You both get in and the balloon lifts off.

You don't really notice that you're in the air until you look down and see the ship and others getting visually shrinking into tiny colorful dots. Your balloon operator brings out a bottle of champagne for a toast. This is one of the best adventures the two of you have ever been on. During the flight you see a truly spectacular view while drifting free with the wind. You and your partner have a chance to catch up on the alone time that you've been experiencing in until today. You don't mention anything about that bizarre dream or the Ex Lover on the cruise, it would surely spoil the mood. Seeing as though these are some of the reasons how some of your arguments begin in the first place. At the end of your flight the landing was a bit rough but nonetheless the experience was awesome. You return to the ship and head into Lajavomil Restaurant for a hearty dinner. A card is on the table reserved for you and your significant other from Cruise Staff and it says:

Dear Lovers,

Today's adventure was to get the two of you off of the ship for a little while to expose you to something entirely out of your element. We hope you and your partner had a chance to bond on another level while you were away. Prepared and served to delight your palates: Almas Iranian White Caviar, Sumundari Khazana aka Seafood Treasure is a mix of caviar, sea snails, lobster and even edible gold and finally a tasty rib eye steak topped with matsutake mushrooms. The night is young and there are many places you can go for entertainment. We will see you tomorrow for our next adventure, please wear something comfortable. Have a wonderful night!