Contest Rules


All Artwork submitted will be reviewed by LA. All selections will be made at The Love Chambers discretion. All winners selected will be selected on the 28th day of Each Month and featured on The Love Chambers website. On the 16th day of each month the submission process will start over and display picture will go back to normal. 


All Money Pot participants should register a PayPal account in order to receive funds if you win and your drawing/artwork is selected. It is mandatory that ALL Money Pot participants make a contribution to the pot. ONLY those who contribute to the Money Pot will be entered into the contest... 

The Love Chamber will contribute an amount to the Money Pot each month. In order to get the Green Light the Money Pot requires a minimum of 5 contributions. A tally of submissions will be featured on the top of the submission page so that contributors can see the number of contributions. The words GO will then appear green as GO only after the money pot has reached the minimum number of participants, the selection process will start. In the event that a winner is selected The Love Chamber will deduct 15% for maintenance costs and send the winning recipient the remaining balance.


Number of days drawing/sketch will be displayed:

28th - 15th day of Each Month

Submission Process:

16th - 25th of each month

Winner Selected:

28th day of Each Month


All submissions are required to be submitted as original hand drawings and signed and dated by YOU the artist. All submissions will be judged based on color, originality, style and beauty.

All winning artwork will be featured at the following link: 

Or if you simply want to submit your artwork free please return to The Visualization Room "VROOM"