Cheating Love

Why Are The People Who Claim To Love Us Cheating?

Truth is, everybody is their own individual and deal with certain situations a little different than others. We were all given one life on earth and the decisions are in our hands. It is us who makes those decisions that ultimately determines what will happen in our futures.  

Yet, something made sense to me the other day. Do you guys remember not too long ago, when the fast food place Popeye's Chicken had those spicy chicken sandwiches and folks were acting off the chain wit it?

Well, let's just say that YOUR man had been getting chic-fil-a most of his life but when the pop-eyes sandwich came out; it was something different, something new. How could he refuse and could you blame him?

Loyalty is big in any relationship. You want your partner to trust in you and believe in you and they should want and do the same for you.

If your partner is cheating on you, believe me; as a very spiritual being, you will know. There is a power that resides within you and it knows things before they ever happen.

"How can I be sure that my partner isn't cheating on me?" 

You are not asking this question for no reason at all, call it intuition. You feel like there is something wrong. You feel like there is someone else in the picture. You feel like your not getting the undivided attention you deserve. 98% of the time your feelings are right on the money.  And the other 2% means that your insecurities are getting the best of you.

Are you in a relationship or marriage where you suspect your mate of being unfaithful? Is the fear and doubt of not knowing the truth eating you up inside? Are your suspicions and accusatory behavior tearing your relationship apart? Or, are you the one that's out here breaking hearts? I want to hear from you!

What's your situation? Are You The Victim or The Heart Breaker?

Let your frustrations out HERE by telling us how you found out that you were being cheated on or Why you cheated!

Tell Us Your Story

Are You The Victim OR The Cheater?

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

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I don't know where the problem came from but out of the blue my boyfriend wanted time out of the relationship.

I guess Victim Not rated yet
It seemed like anytime I feel he's drawing back from our relationship I would ask him does he want a break but he never acknowledge what I was saying. …

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