Alert: Hello my favorite love birds! I just know that love is in the air because I can feel it. It's been a while since I've posted in the Alerts section but just wanted you guys to know that I'm here and I've been working on some things to better the website. The LC Xpress is on the move. Smooches~
(Recorded 04-20-21)

Important Alert: The LC Xpress Issue 028 was released in error, a bit confusing to say the least. I am working to restore some technical difficulties and will try to release the fixed copy ASAP... If I cannot resend to my subscribers the NEW COPY will also be back logged on the Table of Contents Tab. I would like to also take this time to thank all of you for your continued love and support. I love love love each and every one of you. HAPPY 2015 TO LOVE!!!! Smooches~
(Recorded 1-1-15)

Alert: Hey Love Birds! What's happening with you guys? I hope all is well with you and your love lives wherever you are. Things are picking up on the site as far as advice to my hopeless romantics so please be patient in waiting your turn and hold tight. Smooches~
(Recorded 11-1-14)

Alert: Hey Guys! A new Month brings new things. I'm still catching up on advice. Please be patient with me because I respond to your questions in the order they were received. Try not to do anything drastic until I get to you. You never know.... Cya soon. Smooches~
(Recorded 10-1-14)

Alert: Hi My Loves! I've been super busy catching up on giving advice and sending free gifts so I have decided to skip The Love Chamber Xpress for September. No worries I will send out something for October 2014. I am so excited that you guys are enjoying this site  as much as I enjoy putting it together. Hope to see more and hear more from you guys soon. Smooches~
(Recorded 9-23-14)

Alert: Hi Love Birds! Looks like the summer is coming to an end but love never ends :) As you guys can see I'm making some changes to the site. I was away on vacation and it feels damn good to be back!!! It's good to see you guys still making yourselves at home on the site. So much more in store. Smooches~
(Recorded 9-01-14)

Alert: Hi there sexy guys and gals! I know that wherever you are love is with you. I'm working on a million and one things but I hope you guys like the changes so far. Lots of things are being added so bare with me and take a seat on the love train. CHooo CHooo!!!
(Recorded 8-01-14)

Alert: Hi Loves! This month should be pretty interesting as I am rolling out the red carpet for the new Poetry Contest and hopefully (cross your fingers) I'll be finished with The LC Xpress for early release on the 4th of July. Thanks for all the donations, I will keep this thing growing... Smooches!
(Recorded 7-01-14)

Alert: Hello my darling lovers! As you guys can tell I'm back at work on the site, things are changing around here at The Love Chamber for the better... I'm so glad you guys have been enjoying this journey with me. Thanks again for all of your kind words, condolences, thank yous and your overall support. Means the world to me :)))
(Recorded 6-01-14)

Alert: New Release - I've just released the concept of making your site sell under the Money Central tab; Share The Wealth. 

Alert: Hey gang! Things are getting back to normal and I want to thank all of you for your kind words and condolences for my beloved Uncle Danny. I'm kicking things off with a few minor changes and of course working on a hot and sexy Xpress Issue 023 for next month. Remember that if you need free live advice from me, get my info from the Contact me page. If I don't pick up leave a voice mail message and I will call you back. Let love continue...
(Recorded 5-21-14)

Alert: Hi Love Birds! Today, finally I sent out The Love Chamber Xpress Issue 022 but there were some technical issues. If you received the Xpress via email it's incomplete but if you click here or go to the Table of Contents tab, the Xpress is complete. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you enjoy!
(Recorded 5-13-14)

Alert: Hi Lovers! I had to step away from the website for a moment because My Uncle Danny Passed away from pancreatic cancer on Saturday, April 19, 2014. His funeral was held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 and it's been really hard letting go. I want to say to all of you out in the world; if you have family and friends to cherish them and create memories of everything you do. Even if they annoy you sometimes, display a little patience and always treat them with loving-kindness. It hurts too much to think of what you could or should have done now that it's too late. On another note: I see you guys have been submitting questions and need advice! I will answer you questions according to the order they were received... Stay in love~
(Recorded 4-28-14)

Alert: Hi Love Birds! I'm getting things ready for next month i.e. The LC Xpress, New homepage look and feel, working on those add-ons and most importantly your advice!!!! Let's do this!
(Recorded 3-23-14)

Alert: It's March!!!! My o' my how time is flying, wouldn't you agree? It seems like only yesterday we were shouting at the top of our lungs, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay up with The Love Chamber and there will be good things in store for you. Would you like to join me on my Virtual Cruise of Love? Well, it's coming soon maybe I will release Day One on the first day of April. It's nothing spectacular but I wrote it, so to me it was definitely worth it. Keep a look out for the Cruise of Love Page to be revealed and my VIP . Until next time, Love you all!!!!
(Recorded 3-03-14)

Alert: Hey Gang! Things are coming right along on the site. Some of you may notice some changes to page construction phases without warning. I am moving as fast as I can to make The Love Chamber your second home, also working on the release of The LC Xpress for March. If you have not subscribed already, hurry before 3/5/2014. There may be something interesting in next months Newsletter. Hmmmm. 
(Recorded 2-26-14)

Alert: Hey Loves! I know I know I'm running a little behind on things but trust me, I am doing the best I can to provide the best content for your enjoyment :) Bare with me to keep this thing rolling smoothly. 
(Recorded 2-12-14)

Alert: Hi my funny valentines! Hope everyone is well. I also hope you enjoyed The Love Chamber Xpress and took advantage of the eBooks. Don't forget to subscribe to The Love Chamber Xpress if you want to receive what love has to offer on Valentine's Day. 
(Recorded 2-09-14)

Alert: Hey Love Birds! Hope ya'll are doing mighty fine in this here month of love. When you say you love someone it is better to show them all year round, instead of choosing that one day to surrender your love. If you want to be in a real relationship, treasure your loving bond the whole way through. 
(Recorded 2-01-14)

Alert: Hi Loves! I've been so busy updating the site that I didn't get a chance to respond to your questions "you know who you are". Give me one more day and I'm all yours:)
(Recorded 1-13-14)

Alert: Hey Lovers, I'm always on the go. Did you guys check out the hot videos by Beyonce and Ciara? I will post different videos once a month to set the mood and make you feel at home. This is a New Year, let's get the ball rolling. *Cheers*
(Recorded 1-5-14)

Alert: Hey there love birds!!! Hope you enjoyed the Holidays spending time away from the job with family and friends. I'm sure you enjoyed resting as much as I did. The Love Chamber is working on some New Year items to add to the site, continue keeping pages up to date and making changes to construction phases. Keep love first! 
(Recorded 12-29-13)

Alert: Hello Lovers, as you can see the sight is gradually changing as construction phases are happening all over the place. This shouldn't interfere with any of your information gathering or advice. Stay in Love and Happy Holidays!!! 
(Recorded 12-15-13)

Alert: Sending all my love to the Philippines! Let's lend a helping hand to the recovery efforts and continue to show our support to those left without a home or family: click here (Recorded 11-12-13)

Alert: Hi Love Birds I ran behind with the Xpress Issue #017 and as you can see it's not great:) I will get it together, bare with me and stay tuned into love. (Recorded 12-11-13)

Alert: Wishing all of my Hopeless Romantics out there a very Happy Holiday. (Recorded 11-30-13)

Alert: Sending all my love to the Philippines! Let's lend a helping hand to the recovery efforts and continue to show our support to those left without a home or family: click here (Recorded 11-12-13)

Alert: Hi all just tying up some loose ends on the site and responding to a lot of advice. Also running behind working on The Love Chamber Xpress Issue 016, but will definitely make sure it is released on time. (Recorded 11-3-13)

Alert: Updates are being made all over the place. I am still working on everything at once and absolutely admire your patience.

Alerts Updates are being made all over the place. I am still working on everything at once and absolutely admire your patience. 

Alerts Hi Lovers! I just came back from a wonderful B-Day vacation/celebration on 8/18, I missed you too :) I am getting back in the swing of things to get the ball rolling faster than before. Work with me as I continue to push out content and complete construction phases.

Alerts Love Fashion? New page under construction for all those around the world who would like to share their fashion sketches with the world. Creativity is the name of the game! Once established, eventually we can incorporate contests and goodies from the fashion world. Stay Tuned~

Alerts SHARED FILE 8 Fixing your Credit score has been added to Money Central's Share the Wealth.

Alert: The LC Book Club is coming soon. We can share our thoughts and opinions on different titles.   

Alert: Check out the "TOC" table of contents to see what the construction phase number to some of your favorite topics are and the estimated time they will be completed.

Alert: Good News!!! Money Central is live on the scene. Take some time to visit: Share the Wealth.

Alert: The Love Chamber Xpress Issue 012 was released on July 3rd, 2013 as a pre-independence day celebration! Don't miss out, click here to read our back issues or get your copy delivered to your inbox by subscribing today!

Alert: 1st Annual Old Enough To Know Better Bash (OEKB) WAS A BLAST.... Crab fest, shrimp, fried fish, fried chicken dinners, music, fresh strawberry and lemon lemonade, jewelry, free giveaways and more. If you were in the Colonial Beach, VA area on June 15th, 2013 THANK YOU for stopping by. To view the attached flyer click here.

Alert: Hello everyone! We are making a few adjustments to the site in order to add new content, please be patient.

Alert: Share the wealth page is coming soon...

Alert: Just added; The Love Chamber's Favorite Things in the Navbar under The Chamber Store. Check out some sexy products that are sure to boost the sexual desire in your relationships.

Alert: The Love Chamber has tons and tons of new content underway, including talks with recurring special guest "Bitter Sweet", the break down of relationships "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly", a telephone number for live free relationship dating advice. And much more... Stay Tuned~

Alert: Under Construction: Abusive Relationships, The V-Day Cruise, Singles Club and Sex Addicts. You can still read some of them but the text is under construction.

Alert: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's all over the world! Wishing you a day filled with love and appreciation. For last minute things to do click here.

Alert: Many are in need of our help. Give what you can and make a difference to Food For The Poor, one of my favorite charities.

Alert: Sending many prayers and much love to BOSTON & TEXAS at this time!

Alert: Singles Club is under Maintenance.

Alert: You can still board the Virtual Valentine's Day Cruise days 1 - 5. This site is always on the go!