Ending Abusive Relationships

When we hear stories about dating abuse, the first thing we ask ourselves is: "how did they get themselves into this situation, how could they get out and did they notice the signs in the beginning? "

When you have that first indication of an Abusive Relationship don't ignore it! And don't compromise yourself, thinking that you can change or help that person. 

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The Story About Abusive Relationships

Sometimes it's too late when you wake up and realize that you are being a victim of abuse in your relationship. Struck yet again by the arrow of love and blinded by the desires of your heart. Sometimes it dawns upon us when our feelings have been hurt. Knowing you have given this person nothing but love with every fiber of your being. This isn't the person you fell in love with or the person you first met.

As time progress, you begin to notice subtle changes in your partners mood and behavior towards you. The arguing is becoming more frequent and the reasons behind those arguments are silly and petty. Out of anger on more than one occasion your partner has disrespected you and threatened to do you physical harm. The same person who would show you affection and supposedly love you. Gradually becoming your arch enemy and someone you loathe. Your partner starts to dictate what you wear, the friends you spend time with, keep you away from your family. Maybe you weren't aware of this new behavior before now but its all becoming painfully clear.

Sure your spouse could have experienced molestation, verbal or physical assault; even emotional abuse as a child but these are still no excuse why he/she would treat you this way.

There is absolutely no excuse to be treated like you're less of who you were supposed to be. Even though you want to help them it's not your fault and it's not your responsibility. You tell your partner they could use some anger management but the question is will they go? No! Most times the aggressor is very defensive and thinks they are right about everything, including abusing you. They want you to feel like you are being punished for something.

It seems the reward you receive for loving them is abuse. The bottom line is no matter what their issues are you do not deserve to be treated this way and no one does. I know it's always easy for someone on the outside looking in to simply say: break up with him/her, but breaking up can sometimes be easier said than done. You have invested time, love, years and maybe even children in the relationship. Sometimes in abusive relationships we are afraid of what might happen if we try to end it. We didn't know that ours would turn out to be one of those bad relationships. We didn't happen to catch any of those burning red flags or relationship warning signs in the beginning. We notice them now! And now we feel the pain that our lovers bestow upon us for no apparent reason that we can quite understand.  

Message from The Love Chamber

You have come to the right place if you are seeking relationship problem advice. You have come to the wrong place if after reading this you will continue to be a victim in your relationship.

At some point or another we all seek the answers to these complicated questions. Some of us are treated so badly behind closed doors you don't even want to face what is becoming of your situation. We begin to google the questions of what is love? This is crazy because we already know what love is, but because of the way we are being treated we find ourselves searching for clarification. Look no more!

According to the online dictionary and of course my personal opinion let me help you to clear the air and define love. Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. Love, affection, devotion all means a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person. Love is not wanting to see anyone close to you harmed in any way. Love is kind, calm, interested and will go to any lengths to see you happy. Love is bubbling over at the very thought of how you feel about someone else. Love causes no hurt or pain only joyfulness and brightens the soul by releasing its peaceful energy through the spirit. So now, there you have it!

Many women say their man abuses them because they love them. Well according to my definition of love and from what you've just read with your own eyes; what does that have to do with love? Love was described as warm, tender and enduring emotional regard, not once did it read, love = he/she calls you dumb, stupid, retarded, gives you black eyes, slaps your face, punch you in the mouth, and yells obscenities for no apparent reason. Everything about love  is beautiful and positive, if there is negativity in your relationship love is missing. Think about it!

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