About Me

Why do you think I've created a platform of love here on the Internet?  

There are so many things going wrong in people's lives, where else can there just be a place online filled with love in hopes that all will go right? I enjoy sharing with others in an almost live community to ask questions about love and to also answer questions that pull at the heart strings. Get involved!

Getting to know me: I'm a virtual worker on the internet and former freelance article writer for a multitude of web resources. Over time I developed my love experiences from being in love, having meaningful relationships, sex, cheating and being cheated on, being single, dating again, falling in love and falling in love again, romance and how to be romantic, going places and much---much---more......  

Stick With "Me"!

The least I can do is help you along your JOURNEY TO LVE!

Browse around The Love Chamber and ENJOY IT! Select a topic that relates to your situation.

Let the fun begin :)

***Here's to YOU finding the love and magic you deserve***


Wishing You The Best In Love~