About "L.A."

Who is the phenomenal woman giving away sound advice and other romantic goodies at The Love Chamber?  

One in the same body yet two very contrasting points of views when it comes down to love and relationships!

In no way, shape, form or fashion is this a split personality or the big "alter ego" persona. Lemon is my bitter side from previous bad relationship experiences and Autumn is my better side; loving, nurturing and open. Together as "L.A." I deliver free advice and truth in love from both sides of my experiences; chiming in with two different perspectives that may seem:


Although "I" will only be voicing "my" opinion about your issues, ultimately this is your life and YOU will have the final say....

Getting to know me: I'm a virtual worker on the internet and former freelance article writer for a multitude of web resources. Over time I developed my love experiences from being in love, having meaningful relationships, sex, cheating and being cheated on, being single, dating again, falling in love and falling in love again, romance and how to be romantic, going places and much---much---more......  

Stick With "Me"!

The least I can do is help you along your JOURNEY TO LVE!

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