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The Love Chamber Xpress, NEW Issue JAN#2022 -- Blessed are the Peacemakers
January 01, 2022

The Love Chamber is dropping in to say hello to you and your families and to also wish you a very blessed and Happy New Year!


I won't keep you long I promise - I just wanted to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued input, support, love, donations and dedication in helping to make The Love Chamber a better place, what a sweet movement we share.

Welcome to a New Year (JAN#2022)!

Let's get to it!

Want to know how to keep your significant other happy?

Some of us have lost that zest for life. You used to do a lot of things and now you're just not that interested or motivated to say the least. I completely understand that the pandemic has put a hold on a lot of outdoor activities but life is more than dining out or shopping. Life is about being silly, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying nature together. We've gotten so serious these days it, sucks the enjoyment out of you, and now no one wants to be around you. Change your ways, look to the brighter side of life, stay positive and find things to do that are fun and exciting.

Want to live a free and loving life?

Being happy is easier for some more than others. You have to position yourself in an environment that is pleasing to you. Surround yourself with the things that bring you joy. You could be a coin collector, doll maker, enjoy knitting, working puzzles, sculpt with clay, oil and acrylic painting, drawing, sewing or whatever you do that puts you in your happy space.

You must find that happiness within yourself and then you will be able to share your happy with others and not a moment sooner!

Want to keep the love in your relationships alive?


Sometimes routine can become BORING!!! Change it up! If you always have sex in the bed-go to the couch or try a chair; if you always have sex in one position-switch it up. If you've never had sex in a car, try it out.
If you don't want your partner sneaking out to be with someone more exciting, get creative (of course if it's reasonable). There is always someone out there ready and willing to step out of that box, be that person!

Health is Wealth
You Have to Live to Find Love

The Love Chamber has been on a life altering journey, having a very very close friend of mines diagnosed with colorectal cancer was mind shattering. He was somebody who was sure to get his regular physical check-ups annually. Starting at the age of 40 he had begin to have regular Digital Rectal Exams (DRE) performed by his primary care physician. He was having some bleeding issues that his former primary care physician at the time always summed up or assumed to be hemorrhoids; meanwhile administering prescribed suppositories - although the bleeding never stopped. When my friend turned 50 years old, he scheduled a colonoscopy.

The news of that day's results still resonates with me.

He was diagnosed with colorectal carcinoma. The cancer seemed to be secluded to one central area. With major abdominal surgery and three months of wearing an ostomy bag; finally, the ostomy was reversed and this nightmare has been narrowed down to a small incision on his stomach. Currently, he's learning to use the bathroom and make normal bowel movements regularly again.

ALWAYS BE THANKFUL!!! This message is for all men who are in there early 40s, please schedule your colonoscopy today. They were able to catch my friend's disease early and take the necessary steps to get it out of his body successfully. One month, one year and even one day can make all the difference - Get yourself checked out!

~ Here's to YOU ~

Catch Ya Next Issue in March #2022-3 - It's All Love!

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