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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #031 -- It's Just the Beginning!
May 22, 2015

Love in MAY!

Welcome to Love in May, Issue #031. As many of you already know I recently moved; hence my light presence on the website; however I'm back and in full effect. I've been working on some recipes and recording video footage to share them with you; also working to make sure the Xpress for next month is coming out on time, getting ready to start up the Poets Lounge and much much more. Things are really starting to shape up!!! Are you ready for this month? If not, Get ready:) The time is Now!!!

Journey with me as I reveal promised birthday mentions this month, share with you five ways to be more romantic in love, catch you up-to-date on these love scams, and reveal three tips to having an orgasm. Enjoy another Month of Love!

Is it your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Special Happy Birthday to:

  • Ricardo Jones, CA
  • Destiny Wilkins, NM
  • Mina Mova, UK
  • Brenda Walters, PA
  • Francis Resden, OH
  • DeLon Montgomery, AK
  • Cita Weston, UT
  • Michael Saca, MD
  • William Sanders, New Orleans
  • Bethany Mertle, AL

And to everyone born in the month of MAY continue to strive to be the best you that YOU can be; stay strong, generous and kind.

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Pour your partners favorite drink into your belly button and invite him/her to take a sip.

Pour some wine between your partner's thighs and act like you accidentally spilled your drink. You have to get it off some kind of way and using your tongue seems like the answer.

When your partner is in the shower, join them in a thin top or t-shirt. The water makes it cling to your skin; your partner will be delighted.

Move all of your plants around the house into the bedroom. Find an ambient cd of nature and embrace the illusion.

When you're close to cuming, hold your muscle in a sustained contraction. It will reverse the blood flow and can prevent ejaculation.

~Beware of Those Claiming to "Look" for Love Online~

Public Notice: Please beware of those searching for Love over the internet. You can easily be deceived. Below I have listed a few ways to stay safe while dating on the internet.

  • Always get the persons first, middle, last name. This is partner worthy sharing information, in case you need to secretly conduct an investigation of your own. Never trust a nickname, someone could be hiding something. hmmmm

  • Get real-time pictures and online chat with networks like Skype. It's better to look into the eyes of someone claiming to look for love than to fall in love with some words strategically typed to reel you in.

  • If you ever decide to hook up finally with this secret person on the other side of your computer screen; ask a friend to go with you. Tell your partner you will carry a rose but you won't actually carry the rose. Just in case you want to hall tail out of there if he isn't exactly who he says he is.

  • Be very careful and pay close attention to patterns or loop holes. People are crazy and very deceiving out here and you should do everything you can to protect yourself and your best interest. BE SAFE & GOOD LUCK~

    Looking for Multiple Orgasms? Look no more!

    Below are three good suggestions to multiple orgasms.

    Suggestion 1
    Simultaneous orgasms usually are quite overrated. Instead of aiming for one that you share together, first work together to bring her to full climax that both of you enjoy and at some point afterwards it is his chance to concentrate on his own explosion. That way each partner gets to enjoy the energy of two or more orgasms. Women often become more aroused after they orgasm so when he orgasms afer her, she will enjoy the sensation greater.

    Suggestion 2
    Most guys feel like they are failures if they are not able to bring their lover to complete orgasm. Sometimes this is the case when he cums prematurely other times it is just that she wasn't able. Guys realize that for most women the ultimate goal of lovemaking is to give her an orgasm. You can do this in more ways than one. Use your fingers, your lounge and creative energy but remember to be very gentle. Make it so that the two of you can fully enjoy the lovemaking session to the fullest.

    Suggestion 3
    Having orgasms together every once in awhile does have its benefits. It is typically more enjoyable to have simultaneous orgasms during penetration where you can feel each others body. You can also aim to get there with side by side stimulation. Use a numbering system of 1-5 where you count out loud until you both reach 5 orgasms together. Try to hold out if your partner is not quite there yet and stay put until he/she catches up; and then you can both explode together.

    Make love your priority, ENJOY!!!

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    Catch Ya Next Issue #032 - It's All Love!

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