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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #030 -- Happy Heart Day!
February 14, 2015


Welcome to Love in February, Special Edition Issue #030. As some of you may know that I'm literally in the process of moving as we speak. So things are a little rushed at this time. However, you should have received an email from me with your study materials that will give you ideas/suggestions on how to plan out this Valentine's Day with that special someone. If you haven't received the email, send me a message and I will personally send it to you right away. Are you ready for love tonight? Get ready! If you will be alone today keep your heads up and eyes open because this is a perfect time to find love.

Journey with me as I reveal promised birthday mentions this month, and wish you a very seductive Heart Day. I'll catch you in March 2015. Enjoy a perfect night!

Is it your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Special Happy Birthday to:

  • Gwen C., US
  • Elizabeth Manhattan, US
  • Prashi K., US
  • Samson Jones, US
  • Constance G.
  • Martin Sears
  • Cita Lows, WI
  • Sosey, ATL
  • Nora Johnson, RI
  • David Lewis

And to everyone born in the month of FEBRUARY continue to strive for your goals and what you believe in; stay generous and kind.

Reminder: In order to get a special birthday mention in The Love Chamber Xpress, email your name, DOB and your location to:

Also, if you are a New Subscriber of The Love Chamber Xpress and have not received your free gift, please shoot me an email.

*Are you able to get The Love Chamber Xpress emails? If not, you probably would have to add me to your white-list manually via your email settings.*

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