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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #029 -- Happy New Year Love!!!
January 01, 2015

*Happy New Year Lovers!*

Welcome to Love in January, Special Edition Issue #028. It seems there were a few technical difficulties releasing this issue, but no worries it's here now :)I hope each and every one of you got what you wanted for Christmas and more, because you deserve it! You and your significant others work hard to maintain a healthy balance of love and affection so be sure to show them your appreciation even when the Holidays are over!!!

It's 2015 and never too late to start anew in the romance department!

Journey with me as I reveal the first of the years birthday babies, give you a few ideas for spicing up the romance this year, and have a small discussion on what your future holds for love. Enjoy!

Is Your Birthday This Month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Special Happy Birthday to:

  • Dawn Richardson, US
  • Nicole Sardelis, US
  • Janelle De La Rosa, US
  • Michael Osborne, I
  • Beloved Harry "Danny" Carrington
  • Denisha Carpenter, MI
  • Jenny W., US
  • Diane Sanchez, IL
  • Winter Morgan, US
  • Kira Tortenelli, MA
  • Marcus Ingraham, DE
  • Tony Watson, CA

And to everyone born in the month of JANUARY continue to strive for your goals and what you believe in; stay generous and kind.

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Also, if you are a New Subscriber of The Love Chamber Xpress and have not received your free gift, please shoot me an email.

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Be More Romantic in 2015!

~We can always use that extra push when it comes to being more romantic~

Need a memory refresher? Sometimes we all do! Below are a few ideas for a more romantic New Year.

Idea 1
Put little love notes in magazines and books your partner is currently reading.

Idea 2
When out dining with your partner in a romantic setting, tell them that you're not wearing any underwear. The response is always a naughty smile and a heightened sense of spontaneity because this could only mean that anything could happen and anywhere :)

Idea 3
When in the sexual act, stop hushing yourself from moaning, you are actually suppressing blood flow. It's OK to let your partner know that they are pleasing you. This doesn't make you look weak, it allows you to be you and be free sensually and sexually.

What's in Your Fortune - 2015!!!

Hi Romantics,

We have reached another year to fully embrace love. This year be gentle with your significant others. Sometimes bills, health, kids, work can put you in a snappy mood. Be conscious when dealing with your partner and handle them delicately. Sometimes we lose the ones we love to someone else because we don't know how to talk to our significant others. Ultimately they find someone who treats them with more respect and appreciation.

So in 2015
Love with all you got, give with all you have and be patient with all your might. Love is always waiting to be embraced. Just do it!

Good Luck in Love~

~Happy New Year to Love~

Hopefully I can get the Valentines Day Issue out on time :) :) :)


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