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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #027 -- Thankful for Love?
November 28, 2014

Thankful for Love!!!

Welcome to Love in November, Special Edition Issue #027. What did you do on Thanksgiving??? Time is getting by so quickly, Thanksgiving came and is now gone!!! Are you ready to meet your partners family for first time this Holiday Season? What about their family members, children and friends? Just Breathe and relax... Loving your partner means trusting them and giving those around you a chance to get to know you and you a chance get to know them as well. Being a new member in someones family is a big deal, let me help you prepare.

Being yourself is all you can do....

Journey with me in this short newsletter as I reveal promised birthday mentions this month, give you some tips to meeting the family, share with you some tips for what to do with leftovers! Enjoy a wonderful Holiday!

Is it your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Special Happy Birthday to:

  • Jervado Carrington, US
  • Nicolas Zurita, US
  • Yonal De La Rosa, US
  • Victoria Montebella, CA
  • Summer Davis, DC
  • Thomas Cyden, MA
  • Louis Parham, WA
  • Tina Mayem, LA
  • Jeff Sullivan, PA
  • Andrew Tyler, CA
  • Monique Smith, DE
  • David Bright, SC
  • Jennifer Carlton-Davis, CT
  • Deborah Stuffings, AZ

And to everyone else born in the month of NOVEMBER continue to strive for your goals and what you believe in; stay generous and kind.

Reminder: In order to get a special birthday mention in The Love Chamber Xpress, email your name, DOB and your location to:

Also, if you are a New Subscriber of The Love Chamber Xpress and have not received your free gift, please shoot me an email.

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It's Time to Meet the Family!

~The look on some faces could be quite intimidating~

What should you do?

Be Yourself!
Your partner fell in love with you for a reason. Be sure to display that same reason to the rest of the family.

Show interest!
During the Holiday Season family members like to bring up old memories of your partner. No matter how boring or ridiculous stay interested in the topic and retain some of those memories. Bring them up one day with your partner, he/she will be amazed that you actually payed attention.

At the end of some family gatherings there could be some arguments etc. Stay out of the middle and don't take sides. Stick to your partner and when their ready to leave, don't fight them on it. It's officially time to go.

What's Leftover?

Did you need a few ideas of what to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers?

Turkey: You can always make fried or cold turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, or turkey salad.

Ham: Ham sandwiches, or fry the ham in the morning instead of using bacon.

Greens: You can add some of the greens to your turkey soup.

Be sure you get all the good use out of the hard work and time spent on preparing that huge meal. Your partner will love you forever...

Happy Holidays~

Catch Ya Next Issue #028 - It's All Love!

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