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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #026 -- Happy Halloween to Love!!!
October 23, 2014

Happy Halloween to Love *CHEERS*

Welcome to Love in October, Special Edition Issue #026. It's Mating Season!!! You can never tell with Halloween whether you're going to get tricked or treated so keep your heart in tact. Let love guide your actions in everything you do. What I like most about October is not only the change in weather but also the opportunity to be able to get extra close to my significant other. A chance to cuddle up together and listen to the wind brush about the windows. Although the search may seem a bit tedious right now for my Singles, trust me YOU are somebody's One and Only. You just don't know who yet. :)Keep your heads up and eyes open because this is a perfect time to find that special someone.

Who wouldn't want a warm companion???

Journey with me as I reveal promised birthday mentions this month, give you 3-ways to add that extra spice to some bedroom positions, share with you some tips when giving your heart away and also a special Happy Halloween. Enjoy!

Is it your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Special Happy Birthday to:

  • Qweneth Mary, Solomon Islands
  • LaToya Campbell, US
  • Teresa Beltran, US
  • Pamela Weston, US
  • Loretta Marcy
  • Damian Bothers
  • Ruth Chamberlain, WA
  • Vanilla, NV
  • Delvin Vines, Oakland, CA
  • Tomeka Jackson, NC

And to everyone born in the month of OCTOBER continue to strive for your goals and what you believe in; stay generous and kind.

Reminder: In order to get a special birthday mention in The Love Chamber Xpress, email your name, DOB and your location to:

Also, if you are a New Subscriber of The Love Chamber Xpress and have not received your free gift, please shoot me an email.

*Are you able to get The Love Chamber Xpress emails? If not, you probably would have to add me to your white-list manually via your email settings.*

3-Ways to Add Extra Spice to Bedroom Positions

~Bring some extra excitement and entertainment to the situation~

Need a memory refresher? Sometimes we all do. Below are three reminders of ways to keep the sex juicy and pleasurable.

What's Your Desire?
When you are in the doggy style position spread your legs really wide, as far as they can go. Not only does this give deep penetration but also the view will be most enjoyable.

Need a Mirror?
Mirrored ceilings are great but have you actually tried making love with mirrors ALL around you? Hot hot hot... but if you don't have that kind of self-esteem I understand but you never know until you tried :)

Need a Massage?
The buttocks also needs TLC during or before intercourse. It's been sitting and is often sore but if stroked and caressed the right way could be fun to watch the reaction.

Ready to give your heart away?

Have you found that special someone and you're ready to take the next big step by giving your heart away?

1st I would like to say congratulations to you!!!!! Love is all around and it gets better as we learn the powers of love and how to use them. 2nd I would like to say that whoever it is that you have selected must be one special person! Here are a few tips to be sure that you're ready to make that move.

Tip: 1
Before you give your heart away at this point you should know a great deal about this person (i.e. first and last names not an alias, date of birth, about their childhood, have met close friends and family members etc.

Tip: 2
Make sure this situation is starting out on the right track. Your potential lifetime partner is employed or attends school full-time and the two of you have discussed your future together as well as finances.

Tip: 3
What does your partner believe in? Many people don't consider themselves religious however this could prove to be a headache in the long run especially when it's time to raise children.

Good Luck in Love~

~Bedroom Halloween Party~

What will you be wearing when it's time to give in to your desire?

You can Google lots of online shops that sell naughty Halloween costumes for the bedroom. Find something that accents your best features and get ready for a night to remember. Sure going to a big Halloween party is fun but 1 on 1 is even better. Set the mood, light the candles, turn on the music and show yourselves... Have a pleasurable night and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Catch Ya Next Issue #027 - It's All Love!

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