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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #023 -- Do You Want to Deepen the Intimacy With Your Partner?
June 10, 2014
Hi there,

Do you know how to

DEEPEN the intimacy in your relationship?

Welcome to Love in June, Special Edition Issue #023. The question this Month is; Are you truly ready to explore love in your relationship? It's understandable why so few couples reach the level of deep, deep intimacy. Vulnerability can be downright scary!

  1. Have you and your partner reached the level of deep, deep intimacy?

  2. Have you been hurt once or twice when you exposed your deepest longings and passions?

  3. Do you feel like revealing what you want makes you weak?

All are relative questions when you play the game of love!

If you truly want to deepen the love and intimacy in your relationships you have to prove it! The proof is in the putting~ WHAT SHOULD I DO? This is a common question that grabs the attention of all who want to know, I will give you a few suggestions later in this issue, but first:

Ride along with me as I deliver promised birthday mentions, reveal a special Father's Day Toast, continue our discussion on deepening the intimacy in your relationship, and get a tip from The LC Playbook. ENJOY! and Love is with you~ "L.A."

Is it your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to:

  • Delvin Mott, US
  • Sylvia Crumb
  • Emmanuel Flemming, US
  • DRAD
  • Bronx, NY
  • Cina Martinez, US
  • Melvin Gates, WA

And to everyone else born in the Month of JUNE continue to be independent and charming! It's easy to disappear on your friends and come back with new ideas and experiences but at least say goodbye for now before you leave. You should also to experience the world and continue to give generously to those you love.

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Are You a Dad?


What Does Father's Day Mean to me?

* pride * self appreciation * parenting * having a presence

[June 15, 2014]

Job Well Done!!! To all the Dad's around the world that have accepted full responsibility for raising their children and also raising children that are not biologically yours, YOU ROCK!!! How I adore you!!! Being a father means being selfless, sharing and guiding a generation to knowledge, adding morals, value and principle. Job well done for providing that love :)




Take a look....

Here are some steps you can take to deepen the intimacy with your partner.

  1. Take baby steps. Don't share your entire life story when you are new in a relationship. If you've been in a relationship for a long time, don't suddenly *spill your guts* about everything you've ever thought of, dreamed of, fantasized about.

  2. Build your castle one brick at a time. Whenever you have the opportunity (date night for instance)share maybe one new thing that you've never talked about before. Taking your time will not only build trust, it will build a stronger foundation for your relationship to rest upon and add adventure.

  3. Make time and space for deep sharing. It is hared to share personal thoughts and ideas if you have kids running around or while sitting gin the spectator stands at a sports match.

  4. Seek out private places like parks, nature walks, candlelit dining tables or even backyards watching fireflies. Sometimes having a beverage and/or a snack can help slow you down and give you enough time to begin some important conversations.

  5. Talk about intimate issues.

  6. You can't grow deeply if all you ever talk about is the kids and work. Your sexual life is (or will be if you are working towards that goal) an incredibly important part of cementing you two together.

  7. The bonds you build are directly related to how open and honest each of you can be about your intimate desires. Bringing up "sex talk" can be uncomfortable, can't it? And depending on how you approach it, the questions and answers might be so vague that you really wouldn't accomplish much

One of the best ways I discovered to make these discussions fun and non-threatening is to make our way through a list of questions that someone else wrote so there isn't that feeling paranoid of "I wonder why he/she is asking that question".

A great resource I wanted to share with you....

Its an effective way to pursue your partner without them being leery of your intention. Deep intimacy takes time and effort to achieve but like building a castle a brick at a time you eventually have a fortress that can weather any storm. Click Here for Questions to Building Your Foundation!

~The LC Playbook~

[Tip from The LC Playbook]

Whenever you and your lover go to a special place be sure to take a selfie. Create a photo album of all the selfies' and make each time as memorable as the first. Each year on your anniversary pull out the photo album and share sweet memories of those times together.

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