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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #022 -- May Love Continue to Guide You
May 13, 2014
Hi there,

How do You feel about trust?

What Makes You Do it?

Welcome to Love in May, Special Edition Issue #022. The question this Month is; How do you feel about trust and what makes you do it?

  • What makes you take a chance on someone else?
  • What makes you sacrifice everything for that other person?
  • What makes you put your fears aside?
  • What makes you step out on a limb?
  • What makes you believe in someone else so much that you put your TRUST in them?

It's pretty poetic at first but stay with me love birds because TRUST is an awful lot to ask of someone. I will discuss more on trust later in this issue, and also:

Deliver promised birthday mentions, reveal a special Mother's Day Idea, continue our discussion on trusting,and also introduce my new Annual Memorial Day Tribute Section. Each May, I will dedicate a Memorial Section at the end of the LC Xpress Newsletter towards the bottom of the page. (Details inside on how to get your loved ones added to this Annual Memorial Day Tribute List) ENJOY!

Is it your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to:

  • Dakota James, US
  • Veronica Ortiz, FL
  • Emmanuel Flemming, US
  • David Carter, US
  • Stephanie Miles, US
  • Larell Green, US
  • Montana Moore, Houston, TX

And to everyone else born in the Month of MAY continue to "dot the I's and cross the T's" but try not to be too stubborn. I know you are perfectly OK with being alone so that things can go the way you want them to go. But maintain your patience, generosity and loyalty and you will go places you never thought to go.

Reminder: In order to get a special birthday mention in The Love Chamber Xpress, email your name, DOB and your location to:

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Are You A Mother?

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms around the world and Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers acting as Mom!!!

All Mom's should be cherished and treated with much respect. My Mom is the best! She cooks like an angel, is a peacekeeper like an angel, she's generous like an angel and shares all of her love and tenderness with us, her children. Now, don't get me wrong she's a real firecracker when she wants to be but overall My Mom is AMAZING!!!

In fact, she's so amazing that I wanted to share an idea with you guys of how my siblings and I surprised her one Mother's day.

Here's what we did: Invite some people over and tell them to park their cars in a hidden location. Buy some index cards and spell out your Mom's name with each alphabet on a card, according to how many people show up. (example: G is for giving me hope when I was feeling down). You can even tell a story if it's just you and your siblings reading the cards.

Sit your Mom down and tell her that you have something special to say to her. After reading the first alphabet and the meaning behind it, the guests come out one-by-one reading their part, spelling out her name. Believe me, she will be shocked at the clever idea and how many people participated; not to mention she doesn't know that they are even there in the first place. She will be amazed at who comes out of the wood-works!

Anyone's Mom would really enjoy this, mine sure did! So to My Mom and all the Mom's/Mother's/Mamma's/Ma's around the world, YOU are awesome and you're doing a wonderful job. You are loved and I'm grateful.


Is it Worth it?


Asking someone to trust in you is a really big deal. Even if you've known each other for years, to trust them means to let your guards down.

This is where the plot thickens because honestly you have no idea of what to expect or what this person will do with the new found power you've handed them. The question is: Should I let my guard down and allow this person leverage over me? Do I just say I don't care about what happens to me while standing at the mercy of this individual because I trust them?

Life is about taking chances and making SMART decisions. I want to reiterate making SMART decisions. I have said this and will say it again: Make decisions based on your common sense and do not follow your heart. If you ignore this warning you will lose every time. People give off energy and if you follow your heart it only leads to the same results and eventually you end up hating love. If your mindset changes so will your course of love.

As genius as it may sound, I can tell you why people continue to trust and give their all to someone else! It's simple, because of L-O-V-E... It still exists!!! To feel a fondness, compassion and emotion for another human being it's only natural that you give them a piece of yourself, your trust.

You cannot blame yourself for allowing your trust to be broken because you feel like you made a mistake. Guess what? We all make mistakes and there is nothing wrong with sharing your joy and everything of yourself with your significant other. It's part of life! Be sure to read the signs and follow your intuition; if you feel like for some reason your trust is being jeopardized. Believe you, it is!!!

Annual Memorial Day Tribute

Great memories of my Uncle Danny! 1958 - 2014

On April 26, 2014, my family and I had to do one of the hardest things ever that was letting go of my Uncle Danny. My Uncle has played a major part in our lives and spent most of his weekends at my house having fun. Although he didn't have any children, he treated my first cousins, siblings and myself like we were his kids. Things for our family will never be the same.

It feels like a bad dream that I cannot awaken from. It feels like a piece of my heart was ripped out and everyday I am fighting with myself to find it. Although you are not here with us in the flesh Uncle Danny, may your spirit continue to guide us and watch over us. We miss You!!!!! and Love You!!!!!

(If you would like your family members names listed on the Annual Memorial Day Section, you can send their name, DOB, and year of death to my email, please no pictures. I only added this one of my Uncle to share with you guys the recent loss I have experienced)

Catch Ya Next Issue #023; It's All Love~

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