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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #021 -- What are you willing to sacrifice for love?
April 07, 2014

Sacrifice for Love
Are You Ready?

Welcome to Love in April, Special Edition Issue 021. As the warm weather starts to roll in, this Month I've decided to give up something for love. A personal sacrifice in the name of love; who's with me? It could be something small like soda, red meat, alcohol, gaming, working late, clubbing or just spending too much time away from home.

In March I received some devastating news about my Uncle Danny. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer and has been in the hospital's care ever since. Devastated is not the word, more like heart broken. He went in for back pain and has not recovered, but there is hope. So this month as a personal sacrifice of love for my Uncle Danny I will give up cigarettes. I know, I know someone as fine as myself is a dragon queen behind the scenes :). Yes, I'm guilty! But my love for Uncle Danny is compelling me to kick this habit I've had for such a long time...

This month join me in sacrificing for love! Give up something and never go back. I'm not saying it's going to be easy but I can say that love is worth it to me. Does it mean that much to you?

This Month's Featured Issue will deliver the following: April 2014 Birthday Mentions, Safe Sex in Love, The Art of Gift Giving, What's Cooking at The Love Chamber this month and introduce you to the LC Playbook (a lil sumthin I've been cooking up). FYI: The Cruise of love is still underway, just been busy with my Uncle is all. Be sustained by love. ENJOY!

Is it your birthday this Month?

Awwww, it is?


I would also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to:
  • Sabrina Champman, US
  • Tara, India
  • Cassandra Davis, California Mountain, CA
  • Rita Manchester, US
  • Janiece Williams, US
  • Quincy Harper, US
  • Larell Falon
  • Leslie Tominovich
  • Diana Richards
And to everyone else born in the Month of APRIL continue to be independent and generous in all you do. Stay away from your short temper and try to tame your impatience. If you do this, You will get along in life just fine. Stay enthusiastic and love will take you places you never thought to go.

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Not Too Drunk In Love

By now we're all familiar with the very popular hit by Beyonce and Jay-Z called Drunk in love. The beat is nice, the words are tempting and the song all the way around is pretty catchy. But also there is this underlying tone they are using to glorify getting drunk and having forgettable sex.

As fantastic as that sound this type of behavior is highly irresponsible. Especially the part :"Woke up in the kitchen wondering how the hell did this shit happen".

If you woke up in a kitchen not knowing what the hell happened the night before, you may be cooking up some serious trouble to say the least. This type of behavior leads to unplanned pregnancy, overkill on sexual stimulation and bottom line recklessness. I'm not saying NOT to enjoy the song because I sure do, IJS show your body some respect.

Below I have jotted down a few things that can keep you 'Safe in Love':

  • Keep condoms/dental dam on hand
  • Pace yourself when drinking, not too fast
  • It's OK to stop to get protection, even if it's getting good
  • Brush teeth/rinse mouth with Listerine or peroxide after oral sex
  • DO NOT put food in the vagina! It ruins your pH balance
  • Not too drunk where he doesn't pull out

Safe Sex! - No matter what always practice safe sex. This little decision could be the deciding factor when it comes to your life. As the saying goes: Don't let one night of passion cause you a lifetime of pain.

The Art of Gift Giving

Hi Lovers!

Did you know that no matter how much a gift costs, sometimes the way you give it is better than gold? Well it is!

So below I've included a few ways to announce your love for your partner through the art of gift giving.


  • Try to keep it a secret as long as possible
  • Be believable, don't get yourself into any trouble by lying
  • Make it romantic and memorable
  • Be creative and spontaneous

The example displayed in the photograph above is simple, creative and romantic. I'm sure any woman that walks into a surprise like this one would be overjoyed and so in love with You.

Below I've added different things that can be used in place of what's already there for both male and female.
  • Replace the dress with a suit and tie
  • Replace Spa certificate with a flight to Vegas
  • Replace the Dress with a robe and slippers
  • Replace the dress with lingerie/boxers
  • Replace the Dress with perfume/cologne
  • Replace the Card with a drawing by hand
  • Replace the Spa certificate with tickets to their favorite show

You can learn so much from this basic example of gift giving. Enjoy!!!

What's Cooking at The Love Chamber This Month?

Quick and easy:

Gather all the vegetables you and your partner often enjoy. Cut up additional ingredients and add everything into a large bowl. Mix with your hands. I don't know what it is about preparing food literally 'by hand', but for some reason you can taste the love. Add the final touches of pepper, shredded cheese, salad dressing, bread crumbs, bacon bits and all done!

Take the bowl, two forks and a two napkins into the living room and share the salad in front of the movie of your choice. Be fair in your selection. I've provided some additional choices for you below. These are a few of my favorites that are not too chick flicky and not too overwhelmed with the male ego.

Movies: Dead Man Down, 1408, Hobbit, Hell Night (1987 Starring Linda Blair). Try not to go down the whole Autumn in New York road, it can be a bit overwhelming.

The LC Playbook

Tonight's the Night!

Welcome to the first preview of The LC Playbook. A detailed guide through your date nights and setting the mood from beginning to end. Includes: song, dinner, movies, intricate details and of course dessert.

Playlist: R. Kelly, Teddy Pendegrass and Usher

Playbook #1
Are You a Good Kisser?

Tips for good kissing:

  • Not too juicy
  • Not too wet
  • Not too long
  • Not too short
  • Occasional tongue
  • Suck tenderly on the bottom lip

Kissing is an intimate act and should be approached sensually and seductively. This one little act can reveal so much emotion in your partner or it could reveal absolutely nothing. I can guarantee you if it's done correctly you could end up with your future companion. Kissing exposes a whole lot about your partner, sometimes more than anything they could think to tell you. Your kissing quality can determine the longevity of your partnerships; either bringing you both closer in love or sealing your fate for two different directions.
Tread Lightly!

Catch Ya Next Month for Issue #022
It's All Love!

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