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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #018 -- Love in a New Year!
January 05, 2014

What are your plans for


in 2014?

Welcome to Love in January - Special Edition Issue# 018.

What is going to be extra special about YOU this time around?

The Holidays have come and gone, time to get back to some sort of normalcy. It is beginning to feel like time is quickly flying by but while we have this time let's use it wisely. Use it to:
  • Grow mentally and physically
  • Tie up loose ends in your life that are hindering you from moving forward
  • Do something exciting that you've never done before.
  • Let go of fear and doubting yourself.
  • Stop procrastinating and take care of those things you continue to put off. Believe me you will stress less!
In fact let's leave stress in the year 2013 where it belongs. It's a New Year, let's embrace it! Leave those relationships that are wearing you down and tiring you out!!!

Let love run it's natural course in your lives.

Welcome to Love in January 2014! Happy New Year *Cheers*

Is your birthday this month?

Awwww, it is?


The Love Chamber would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following:

- Dawn Richardson, US
- Nicole Zurita, US
- Samantha Wilder, UK
- Michael Osborne, US
- Harry Carrington, US
- Janelle De La Rosa, US

And to everyone else born in the Month of JANUARY continue to let love guide your paths and happiness your direction.

Don't forget in order to get a special birthday mention in The Love Chamber Xpress, email your name, DOB and your location to:

Also, if you are a new Subscriber of The Love Chamber Xpress and have not received your free gift please send me an email.

Love Ideas/Tips for January 2014

Tip 1

Start off in all your relationships with trust until otherwise.

Tip 2

Stop bringing old baggage and insecurities from past relationships into your new ones. Treat every connection new.

Tip 3

Automatically assume that your partner has noble intentions in the beginning. Everyone deserves a fair chance in spite of lessons learned from past experiences.

Tip 4

If you suspect your partner of something ask them in a pleasant way. Even if you ask them calmly, if they are doing something they will become defensive no matter what, its a normal reaction. On the other hand if it's nothing really you don't look like an accuser because just maybe you are the one with the skeletons in your closet. Tread lightly~

Tip 5

Take your time in your relationships, this is the one thing that you have. Give your partner enough time to get to know you intimately and likewise. Only fools rush in :)

~The Love Chamber's eBooks ~


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Life is all about unearthing your hidden strengths and tapping into who you were truly meant to be. Be happy! Download a copy of Self Esteem Here!!!

What's Cooking at The Love Chamber This Month?

The Value of Chicken Noodle Soup

*Something I created on a cold winter day.*

Ingredients needed:
  • Can of chicken broth (2)
  • Scallions
  • Bag of frozen mixed vegetables
  • Chicken drumsticks (based on # of guests)
  • Elbow noodles
  • or you could purchase Mrs. Grass Soup Mix keep other ingredients

Add drumsticks, water, salt and pepper to pot and boil on medium-high.
When water boils to half point add a can of chicken broth and add more water if necessary.

When chicken starts to fall off the bone add cooked elbow noodles, sliced scallions and bag of frozen vegetables

Cook for 10 more minutes and stir occasionally. Ready to serve. ENJOY!!!

You know, since it's so cold out these days. It sure would be nice if you drove around your community handing out bowls of your delicious new soup to those less fortunate. Something to think about this New Year!!!

Enjoy your meal.....

Poetic Justice - New Talented Artist

Talented artist comes to life with his poem - Take Love Off of The Road to Destruction by The Plague

Watch Video Now!

Look forward to our next Issue 019 in February 2014!

Wishing You The Best in Love~ "L.A."
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