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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #017 -- Holiday Love!
December 10, 2013

There's Nothing Like
Holiday Love

Welcome to Love in December, Special Edition Issue #017.

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Today's feature will list a few tips to get closer to your significant other this Holiday Season, becoming independent in your relationships instead of taking on another life form, how to bring in the New Year by setting reachable goals and to all of my Xpress Subscribers a sneak peak into The Love Chamber's Drink Choice for 2014:)

This Holiday Season is different, why? It's all because of YOU!!! Thank you for the many donations and much love & support you've shown me and my growing business! Love is a wonderful circle, let us continue to travel it together.

Is Your Birthday this Month?

Awwww, it is?


- Shelton Woods, MI
- Nelson Montgomery, AL
- Aarti Subramanian, India
- Amanda Cunningham, WA
- Gail Taylor, MD
- James Dunn, PA
- Kirah Osborne, MD
- Michael Osborne, MD
- Richard Johnson, VA
- Michael Booker, MD

And to everyone born in the Month of DECEMBER Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

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Tips to getting closer to your significant other this Holiday Season.

Tip 1:
During the Holiday Season we can be very busy focusing on getting things taken care of, gifts, food preparation, etc. This year try not to consider the Holidays a chore, instead have fun with it. Create a door tree with Velcro snowballs while you and your significant other take turns decking the halls.

Tip 2:
When it's time to split your Holiday time between both your families be considerate of your partners feelings. Come to an agreement of when and where you will be spending the Holidays. Example: My BF and I like to spend Thanksgiving at his families house because they cook really well and during Christmas my family can throw the best party. Be fair!

Tip 3:
It's the thought that counts! During the Holiday Season you always want your significant other to feel appreciated and special. Try making him/her breakfast in bed. When you take up the tray include a personalized card and a flower you picked from outside, makes all the difference.

Tip 4:
If your man/woman is the main caregiver of the children, give them a break. Run them a nice hot bubble bath and create a path of roses leading there. Take the kids out for a few hours to give your partner relief and a chance to relax.

Tip 5:
During the Holidays there is a lot of noise and excitement. As a couple you should set some quiet time alone for a movie night. This kind of thing keeps your bond tight and your relationship steady.

~ Sustaining Your Independence ~

The things we do for love!!!

In relationships sometimes we are so preoccupied with work, hobbies or hanging out with friends that we end up neglecting our love live's. If you've ever experienced that; it feels like you're living with a stranger. We somehow evolve, turn things around and then burden ourselves with making sure everything is OK, making sure our partners are happy and content with us and keeping financial woes at bay. This could be the beginning of your crumbling independence. You take on your partners financial woes, bills, responsibilities of planning events and vacations and you stress alone over all of your obligations.

The problem is: You can't see outside of the box! You can only see the good you are doing and that's OK but you shouldn't have to work so hard because you already do ENOUGH. You are exerting all of your time and energy in your relationship while your partner's energy and motivation is missing. Regain your independence by changing the game!

If you finally wake up and see this message: STOP!!!!!

Stop paying that cell phone bill, stop letting that person sit around playing video games while you clean up the house, stop letting that individual leave dishes in the sink, stop complaining about everything and go to the source of your dwindling independence and take it back!
When we begin to feel overwhelmed there is a reason behind it, find out what it is.
It's Your Independence, You deserve it, You should claim it!!!

What's Cooking at The Love Chamber This Christmas

"Super Simple Meal for The Holidays"

This year my sister in-law and I will be creating a Menu that is easy to prepare and delicious. After Thanksgiving we decided that the whole turkey and ham ordeal had gotten old and fast. We couldn't possibly sit through another month nibbling on the same stuffing and cranberry sauce that we also ate the month before. This month let's try something different.

What's Cooking
* Baby Back Ribs
* Potato Salad
* Seafood Salad
* Finger Sandwiches
* Deviled Eggs
* Stuffed Mushrooms and green peppers
* BBQ Chicken
* Baked Chicken
* Fried Chicken
* Vegetable and Fruit Platter

Enjoy your Holiday Meal.....

The Love Chamber's Drink Choice - 2014

Sneak Peak - 2014

- Social Drink: Hypnotic or Zombie
- Turn up Time: Patron Shots
- 1 on 1 with your partner: Amsterdam with grapefruit juice
- Dinner and a Movie: Prosecco Sparkling Wine

Try it!

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