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The Love Chamber Xpress, Issue #016 -- Romance is the name of the game!
November 05, 2013


Welcome to the Month of November at The Love Chamber. Today's question featured here in the Xpress, Issue 016 is, What are you thankful for? Personally I'm thankful for it all. Everyday continues to be a surprise good or bad. I continue to embrace it all and accept full responsibility for my part and I would hope that all you lovers out here can do the same!!!!

Today's issue is kinda bland due to some technical difficulties I've been having with my PC. However, I will give a few tips for Meeting the Parents on the Holidays and Reveal what's cooking at The Love Chamber for Thanksgiving


Is there a special birthday this month? If so, What's your name? Would you like a personal b-day shout out on The Love Chamber Xpress, if so please send your date of birth and photo of yourself to:

I would be more than happy to give you your props on your day :)

I would also like to wish every SAGITTARIUS across the world a "Very Happy Birthday" :) May your days be long and merry and your hearts always forgiving. YOU ROCK!

~Meet The Parents - For The Holidays~

Tip #1
Just be yourself. There is a reason why your partner fell in love with you in the first place. Let your thoughts reside there, be helpful but don't overkill.

Tip #2
When you want to be with someone you learn everything about that person that includes their friendships/relationships with others. Be sure to remember names and key points during conversation it could pan out well for you later on in gaining their trust.

Tip #3
Be who you say you are and do what you say you will do. When you break these rules you become a liar. Too many of us spend more time focusing on what someone else thinks of us rather than maintaining the blessings that we already have. Your word is your bond and it means the world to someone, so keep it!

Tip #4
As tedious as it may sound, ask if you can assist with any cleaning if you are there to see it through to the end. Your willingness to help will break the ice giving everyone a better opportunity of learning who you truly are and like wise.

~Have you found your road to success?~

Tip 1

Be able to better:

- Manage your schedule and stay stress free.
- Determine your goals and priorities.
- Match your time better with your priorities and availability
- Build time management skills
- Speech Organization
- Effective Speaking
- Learn how to say NO
and more...

Download a copy of You Road To Success Here!!!

Happy Thanksgiving - What's Cooking at The Love Chamber?


This is the menu for The Love Chamber's Thanksgiving Dinner Party

- Turkey
- Ham
- Mac & Cheese (homemade)
- BBQ Chicken
- Kale Greens
- Seafood Salad
- Rolls
- Rice & Gravy (homemade)

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Meal.....Cya in Issue 017

Lemon & Autumn, "L.A."

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