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The Love Chamber Xpress, NEW Issue #2020-1 -- Happy New Year
January 01, 2020

The Return

Welcome to The Love Chamber Xpress Issue #2020-01. It's been a while since you've received an issue of The Xpress and for many reasons. I do apologize for that! It's been a long journey keeping the site and it's contents up to date. The biggest news is, drum roll please - I'm back!!!

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your continued input, support, love, donations and dedication in helping to make a better place, what a sweet movement we share.

Welcome to a New Year (2020)! The year of new beginnings, better health, exercise and keeping or getting your love on track.

Let's get to it!

The Love Chamber has been on a long hiatus but I'm back with a new and improved outlook on life. I only hope that my journey can inspire yours for the better. This month we will explore the art of seduction, three ways to be charming, ways to love yourself and what exactly are we reading right now.

The Art of Seduction

Baby Steps

If we leave out all of the other attributes to the word seduction we have only the process of deliberately enticing a person. Have you ever walked into a room and the very first person that saw you does a double-take? Have you ever brushed past someone in a hurry but the contact was so strong that it made the other person turn around and say, who was that? Have you ever stood in a crowded elevator so closely to someone that they literally stopped breathing when you accidentally lean into them?

That is the ART: Having a demanding presence is the beginning of learning the craft of developing the art of seduction. Your aura should be so strong that you have a glow around you. You demand respect, appreciation, affection, love, companionship and all of the best that life has to offer. You exude confidence and being confident means you're also very aware of your hygiene and cleanliness, the way you dress and present yourself outward.

Hygiene is very important if you want to gain confidence in becoming a seducer, tempter or seductress. You can't be confident if you're not sure if the steak and cheese smell is coming from the deli down the street or beneath your arm pits. You can't be confident if when you talk to someone you burn all of the hair from their brows and wonder why they look surprised. You cannot be confident if when you take off your shoes, the entire room smells like a frito concert. The very first thing you must overcome and conquer on your road to confidence is your hygiene. This means loving yourself entirely. Below are a few ways you can start building your self-esteem and confidence:

1. Set a routine/calendar for regular grooming. This would include washing your hair, giving yourself facials, flossing and brushing your teeth regularly, shaving and exfoliating, hot bubble baths for soaking and rejuvenating. Time to file, trim and polish finger nails and toes.

2. Picking out the best soaps, lotions, deodorant that's best for you. Men and women can't go wrong using the yellow dial bar soap. It's clean smelling and refreshing. Otherwise there are different varieties of soap for both male and female, test the waters to see which ones work best for you.

3. Lotion, lotion, lotion!!! Everybody gets dry after having a shower or bath. Picking the right lotion that can compliment your pH balance is key. If you're not a person who indulges in different scents, Aveeno oatmeal is your best bet. Be sure that your lotion is not over powering all of your other efforts.

4. Keeping healthy breath is a very important factor in the skill of confidence. Floss regularly to get food particles out of the cracks of your teeth, it makes a difference. Brush twice a day and use mouth wash if you're feeling a bit cautious in between.

5. Wash your clothes! It doesn't matter if you do not own a washing machine or dryer, it doesn't matter if you do not have change to go to the laundromat. What matters is that you take the time and effort to clean your belongings. Wearing clothes that don't smell is the beginning to you walking in a new direction in your life's journey. Work on you, from the inside out!

Look at yourself and all of those little quirks you don't like, start using your time and energy on how to get rid of them or fix them. If you have sweaty feet, get powder and learn how to add it to your shoes. The point is, you must put forth the effort to master your body and those things about you that needs confidence building, get busy working on them. Don't forget to use google as another tool in gaining resources.

Continue to do these things for yourself and somewhere along the line, someone will come along and appreciate all of your efforts that you put into yourself. You never know, you could inspire someone else to show themselves as much self love as you have shown to yourself.

Good luck!

Three Ways to be More Charming

Put that cell phone down, open your eyes and look around. Staying off of your phone shows people that you are very independent, observant to things around you, open for chit chat, even admirable. Some people like to pretend that they are always reading emails or text messages to avoid making eye contact and talking to people. Everybody says they are so busy but the truth is this: Even busy people make time for the people they love and care for. Keep the phone down and let your eyes do the talking!

When you go out to office parties, friends celebrations etc. and your friends introduce you to new people, be sure to remember those names. Remembering names is a great way to start conversations and break the ice for other ways to chat. You never know who is looking for your attention after you've miraculously remembered their names :)

Smiling is one of the best ways to be charming. When you walk pass people on the street, it doesn't hurt to crack a smile. In conversations, listen, look and gently smile even if you smile with your eyes. People seem to gravitate to those who always seem to appear happy. Finally, let your smile be your umbrella.

~If you don't love you, then who~

Affirmation: I am strong, I am great, I am beautiful, I am handsome, I am wise, I am diligent, I am resourceful, I am smart, I am kind, I am generous, I am thoughtful, I am special, I am confident, and I am not afraid!

  • Let's begin by growing the love we have for ourselves by speaking affirmations to ourselves in the mirror ever day. Show ourselves some love and appreciation for all we do on a daily basis and everything that we've been through. Admire ourselves for being strong, courageous, giving, kind and most important - loving.

    Remember say the above affirmations to yourself every single day and believe it! You are the love of your life 1st and then we can begin to love...

  • What Are We Reading?

    Lately, I've been reading a lot of good books. They take me to places I've never traveled before. Such details draw me into the books, I can feel the wind blow, smell the grass and hear the trees. Books are excellent for distraction and I always say you learn something new from each adventure. Below are three good books I've read. I am also selling my one and only copy. Sure you can find the below books online from someplace else but if you want an autographed copy, purchase the only one I have from The Love Chamber.

    Night Thunder's Bride by Karen Kay
    Condition: Used-Good

    Description: When lady’s maid Rebecca Cothern journeyed westward, she never thought to leave her mistress’s side. Yet as Katrina Wellington completes her own journey with White Eagle, Rebecca waits at Ft. Union under the protection of Blackfoot warrior, Night Thunder.

    Despite what she’s been told about the wild nature of the native tribes, Night Thunder is different. Kind, gentle, honorable to a fault…and handsome in a way that makes her breathless for his next touch.

    Though Night Thunder relishes stolen moments with the beautiful white woman, circumstances dictate that he should keep his distance. Until she is stolen away in the night, and he discovers he cannot simply ride into the enemy camp, kill the guilty and sweep her to safety. The thieves are vengeful malcontents from his own tribe, which leaves him only one way to save her from the worst kind of violation.

    He must claim that she is his bride. Not only that, she must willingly bare all—heart, soul and body—to claim him as hers..

    You can purchase my only autographed copy by clicking the link: Night Thunders Bride Book or you can simply purchase your own copy from the internet. Either way, HAPPY READING!

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    Catch Ya Next Issue #2020-6 - It's All Love!

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