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Is there someone in your life that you can go to in your time of need without judgement? If you need a no judgement zone, you've come to the right place.  

My name is LA and I've found the balance to love in my relationships. I've created this platform to offer you the best advice on your relationships, dating and more. I'm just an outsider looking in! You know, sometimes the best advice comes from those who are unfamiliar with your situation. The best thing about The Love Chamber is; my site, my advice, my resources, and my love for you are free!!!

Tip: Sometimes it's better that you refrain from telling family and friends all of the intimate, juicy details of your love life. If you get back together with that person, after a break-up, they use everything you said in the past against you and say all of the reasons why the two of you shouldn't be together. 

Some people no matter who they are will always talk about you and your situation. No matter how close that person is supposed to be to you, or even relatives; somehow your private relationship information is in the news like a runaway train.

"I'm here to keep your secrets!"

The key to finding your potential life partner is by revealing and unveiling the YOU that you've hidden behind for so many years. I know people who have hidden behind their heartache and pain from the past so much, they never smiled. Listen to me, you have to let it go! Smile again! Release yourself from the one who has tainted your heart, spirit, and joy. It's time to MOVE ON!!! Easier said than done I know, but when you at least TRY to put one foot in front of the other, maybe you'll finally get somewhere, IJS.  

You didn't land on my page by chance: In fact nothing ever happens by chance. Consider me your virtual friend on the internet. Do you have a situation that needs to be addressed regarding your relationship? Or, maybe things are moving too fast? Maybe you need some closure?

Well, I'm here to assist!

Get to know me: I am also a hopeless romantic who believes in love and ALL of it's greatest attributes. I enjoy reading historical romance novels about strong tunic wearing warriors, wielding swords and protecting their women at all costs. I have always believed that true masculinity and characteristic is not just about muscles or being devilishly handsome, but it's about honor and respect. A man that would do anything to defend and protect their woman and their family - and do so honorably and gracefully, I adore. I enjoy stories of Native Americans finding trust in having a partner outside of their tribes and traditional culture. Finding love and finally being able to allow that bounty of love to flourish in an unknown respect. Being able to tear down the walls of defense that repel the relationships we pursue. But, the word L-O-V-E. Now, that just makes you wonder, hmmm? 

This my dear readers, is why we are all striving for the favor of love to rain a summer breeze and moisten every dry fiber of our beings. Create new feelings and emotions deep within us and reveal those things that are unseen. Reveal the feelings that we've kept hidden deep inside. To learn more about me click here.

Online: I've created a platform here where just about anyone can vent on their partners' behavior, love life, sex, infidelity, disloyalty and more; and I personally will respond. You will also be sharing your situation with The Love Chamber Community and others are likely to comment and offer you advice as well. It takes a village! 

Browse around, kick your feet up and delight in the commons of love!!! 


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